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A Soren Larsen Memory Module -
Voyage Crew's favourite moments from voyages past:

Dec. 2000 Caribbean  - Voyage Crew Gavin Murray remembers his voyage from St. Vincent to Grenada.

GavinMurraySoren.jpg (28343 bytes)Soren Larsen in the Caribbean.

Just one year ago I was waiting to join a sailing ship in the Caribbean. Now –the anniversary of that time - I want to recall that trip.

The ship was called the Soren Larsen; it was built in Europe for the transport of timber, but is now based in New Zealand and provides holidays for those who want to experience sailing a tall ship.

The photograph right shows the ‘Soren’ underway between St. Lucia and Granada.

I don’t speak from wide experience but I can’t imagine a better ship to sail in or a better place to sail her. Added to this was the advantage of escaping the English winter for the deep blue seas and the warm days afloat, or on the golden stretches of sand that form a necklace round each of the Caribbean islands.

GavinM004.jpg (17794 bytes)In charge of the motley passage crew was Sally Anderson: the first mate. 

Left is Sally on the fore deck as the sun goes down.

The job of first mate will be rationalised at some time in the future: it combines the roles of teacher, public relations manager, union representative, senior member of the professional crew and operative responsible for the untangling of anchor chains. When the rationalisation does come it will sweep away much of the culture that belongs to the era of sailing ships. We shall also lose the personalities and the charms that this culture breeds.

Many of you will have read Sally’s log which keeps those of us who left a little bit of themselves on the ship in touch with how things are going.

In charge of the boat and the administration were the captain and purser who resolved numerous problems with an inconspicuous authority.

Sally’s team included Jima the boson, Barry the second mate, Peter the engineer,  and Troy who was in his element whether it was diving beneath the boat or climbing to the top of the mast. The cooks were the heart of the boat. We woke to breakfast on deck, we broke for lunch when the passage making allowed and in the evening after drinks on deck we feasted on three course dinners below decks. These GavinM006.jpg (21330 bytes)occasions were the focus of our social life aboard.



Here are Jima and wife Sally (who is part of cooks team) enjoying one of the rare personal moments that their duties on board allowed. I imagine they are now enjoying summer alongside the southern ocean.



 GavinM008.jpg (15419 bytes)



Here are the crew furling the sails on the foremast after a days sailing.





GavinM010.jpg (19312 bytes)

Not all our time was spent on board. Most evenings we would go ashore to visit either a museum, or a bar, and some of our days were spent exploring the islands. Right is a photograph of an island that might have been designed as the result of being inspired by a dream.


GavinM012.jpg (14656 bytes)

Left is one of the local tigers resting between fishing trips.

Not all the life in the Caribbean is above the waves. One of the most impressive parts of my voyage was the opportunity to dive beneath the surf among the coral together with the abundant and colourful fish.

Here, to conclude this brief reminiscence, is a photograph of a dense shoal of fish swimming over a bank of coral. GavinM014.jpg (19356 bytes)

Above this shoal a pelican was diving to gorge on beakloads of these silvery fish!

All the very best to all I sailed with. 
Gavin Murray.
Carribean Dec 2000

  • See Gavin's own Website  - HERE.

Soren PKsmall.jpg (6115 bytes)

IanMarshallClimbingSmall.jpg (3316 bytes)

wedding2_small.jpg (6763 bytes)

BobLewisBonaireSunsetsmall.jpg (4435 bytes)

SalFriendsSmall.jpg (2976 bytes)

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If you have a favourite memory you treasure and/or pictures of your voyage aboard Soren Larsen then you can share them in this archive.

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