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A Soren Larsen Memory Module -
Voyage Crew's favourite moments from voyages past:

Dec. 2000 Voy 142
Tenerife to St Vincent

I'm not long back from a marvellous time crossing the Atlantic on the Soren Larsen.

It was a terrific experience which I would repeat, and recommend to anyone else with an interest in ships and the sea! Whilst we could have done with more wind, we shouldn't complain really!

The food was excellent and I'm sure I actually put on weight! The Voyage Handbook was good preparation, so that I had everything I wanted on the trip except perhaps a few more old clothes (the new rigging was quite tarry!)

Here's a snippet from my diary ....

"Back to baggywrinkle work as the Sun sets.

There is a decision to take in the topgallant for the night. I help with the lines, then volunteer to help furl it.

Go aloft with Troy and Lucy to help with the gaskets. I'm probably slowing them down rather than really helping! The topgallant shrouds are probably the scariest bit to climb as they are narrow and twist all over the place.

Not too bad actually on the yard working. Venus and the stars quite clear by now, and a good view of the whole deck. It's a long way up here!

Eventually the work's done. Descend in the gathering darkness with lots of hugging of the shrouds and waiting for the roll of the ship. Return to deck with sore, shaky arms and another tick for my list of accomplishments. Shake hands with Troy and Lucy. "


Thanks to all involved.


Ian Marshall


ianMarshallBread.jpg (16533 bytes)

IanMarshallAftdeck.jpg (18663 bytes)
View from the helm - note mainsail missing during repairs
IanMarshallClimbing.jpg (16429 bytes)
Ian at the foretop futtocks
IanMarshallFuttocks.jpg (17172 bytes)
..over the futtocks...
IanMarshallAloft.jpg (14259 bytes)
Ian and Robert at
mainmast crosstrees

Soren PKsmall.jpg (6115 bytes)

IanMarshallClimbingSmall.jpg (3316 bytes)

wedding2_small.jpg (6763 bytes)

BobLewisBonaireSunsetsmall.jpg (4435 bytes)

SalFriendsSmall.jpg (2976 bytes)

Across the Southern Ocean

Across the Atlantic

Pacific Wedding '96

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Panama pics.

Pics of
Grenada to Curacao


If you have a favourite memory you treasure and/or pictures of your voyage aboard Soren Larsen then you can share them in this archive.

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