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A Soren Larsen Memory Module -
Voyage Crew's favourite moments from voyages past:

To all our old shipmates aboard the 'Soren Larsen' from Fiji to Vanuatu in July 1996, and all others who may read this for whatever reason.

The first I'd heard of the 'Soren Larsen' was in May of 96 from a girl called Sally whom I'd just met and started seeing, who was going on a holiday by herself. One month later and in love we decided that this was going to be a trip of a lifetime and that we'd always regret it if I too did not go.

So on the 15th July we both stepped aboard whilst she lay in harbour in Fiji. A week later and we found ourselves alone on 'Likuliku beach' after we'd done a bit of snorkelling and I asked Sally to marry me. 'When ?!', came her reply.

Exactly 1 week later on the 28th July, in 'Port Havanah Bay', Vanuatu, we were married by Captain Marti Woods, with 2nd Mate Big Martin as best man, Natalie as bridesmaid and Sean seeing it all went right.

We jumped off the side of the ship, against my better judgement as we'd been told there were Tiger sharks in the area, and swam around the boat before getting back on board for a great reception thrown by crew and guests alike.

The honeymoon evening was also quite something atop the galley in a honeymoon suite prepared by the crew. And the cheers an hour or so, (honest), after we'd been up there from the crew in the rigging and the Olympic stadium powered spotlights made it an evening to remember. THANKS GUYS!.

Throughout our trip we saw some beautiful places, the crew and guests were great and the 'Soren Larsen' will always hold a special place for us. With a lively 2 year old boy, Ethan, to keep us on our toes and a second child due in June 2001 we are looking forward to one day taking them on board.

Needless to say there was so much more to the voyage: volcanos, fantastic food, phosperous seas, fishing, snorkelling, it just go's on but go see for yourself, but watch out for that bosun if he say's he'll organise your stag night !!

Kevin & Sally Taylor

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If you have a favourite memory you treasure and/or pictures of your voyage aboard Soren Larsen then you can share them in this archive.

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