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MAP6march.gif (11882 bytes)5th March 2001
Galapagos to Easter Island   1255' South  097 48 West
The breeze has now filled a little and the ship is able to sail on a port tack making 6 to 6.5 knots steering so'west.

Here is the latest chart position plot:



2nd March - King Neptune's Domain
Having sailed from Baltra in the Galapagos on 26th Feb pm Soren Larsen is sailing slowly south towards Easter Island.  Pan-Tahiti-map.gif (10484 bytes)On 1st March  the ship was visted by the court of King Neptune ... Having sailed across the Equator just prior to arriving at the Galapagos the ship's compliment had formally entered his domain and this was now their time of reconing.   Those that had never Crossed the Line before were Polywogs who had to suffer the traditional indignities of Neptune's punishments to become Shellbacks and true sailors of the ocean. The ensuing formalities were messy and hilarious...

Soren Larsen is working her way south in light breezes.

abinick.jpg (14237 bytes)Galapagos image;
Permanent crewman Nick on Santa Cruz, fails to teach a old tortoise new tricks:





Voyage Crew Pieter Mol
- has been keeping a diary - here is his account of a day at sea - watching helicopters crash...

February 14th, 17:19
th0212laundry.jpg (2732 bytes)Live aboard more or less is starting to become a sort of routine, so it seems like each day there is less to report for this diary. Fortunately, some unexpected things happen, like yesterday just after 2 PM: we saw a fairly large fishing boat coming our way, which turned out to be a tuna boat. Boats of this type on the Pacific are large, exceptionally well maintained and equipped with all comforts someone could ask for, since they are out at sea for a much as six months in a row. The most remarkable feature of these ships is, that they carry helicopters, which are used for spotting schools of tuna. In the old day, tuna was spotted indirectly by looking for large groups of dolphins from a watchtower. Anyway, while this tuna boat was in our sight, the helicopter took to the sky, only to crash into the ocean moments later right in front of the eyes of some people on our ship. So we and the tuna boat immediately headed for the crashed pilots in order to rescue them. After having contacted the tuna boat by radio, it turned out that both pilots were rescued and unharmed, and our offer to send over a doctor was kindly declined.

th0212lucybarry.jpg (2385 bytes)Meanwhile, our ship was still going by the engine headed South to the Galapagos Archipelago. Later that afternoon the wind increased a little, but not enough to sail by sails alone. This became possible during our night watch, so we set all sails. Unfortunately we were now sailing West, because any more was not possible at that moment. In nautical terms, this is called going "Full and By".

After our watch I slept well for the first time in days on deck, and woke up under a nice morning sun that had truned the inside of my sleeping bag into a sauna. So I decided to carry on sleeping in our cabin.

We used this afternoon's watch to systematically study and memorize the names and locations of some of the sails and ropes. Verbal instructions so far didn't produce the desired results.

th0214adameve.jpg (2278 bytes)Tonight we'll be having another typically English occasion: we will dress for dinners as "famous couples". Many things on this ship are done the English way: tea time, dinners, contests, you name it. Time to finish my diary entry for today, I got to go look for a nice outfit to wear tonight (with this heat)... "


NEW Soren PKsmall.jpg (6115 bytes)Voyage Crew Memory Module:
Paul Huisking reflects on his
Auckland -Panama
Ocean Passage
last year.


IanMarshallClimbingSmall.jpg (3316 bytes)
Voyage Crew Memories
Ian Marshall's Atlantic Crossing
Voy 142, Dec 2000



BobLewisBonaireSunsetsmall.jpg (4435 bytes)

See pictures of the Curacao - Panama voyage at Voyage Crew Bob Lewis' own webpage at http://www.nythfa.freeserve.co.uk/soren/sorenlarsen.html

SalFriendsSmall.jpg (2976 bytes)See pics from John Homes and Alan Murphy of the Grenada-Curacao leg:


Salhelm1 small.jpg (7029 bytes)First Mate Sally Anderson sends us her  WebLog report.

Cocos island, 12th Feb
The ship arrived Cocos island which is about 600 miles of the Panamanian coast. This is tiny outpost of Costa Rica. They anchored around midnight on the 11th and stayed until late afternoon on the 12th. They now have light airs and are motorsailing towards Galapagos .


VOYAGE CREW RETURNING HOME:  Scan and email or post your pictures of your voyage! If you have an account of your trip or a special moment then let us a know. Your tales can be included in the Voyage Log!

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Voyage Crew
UK - Tenerife
NEW: Across the Atlantic
Pacific Wedding 96
Soren's Xmas Card

Check Time on board: HERE


Sally's reports:

Salhelm1 small.jpg (25054 bytes)

10 Galapagos
9 Panama
8 Panama Pics
7 Venez Islds

6 Grenadines
5 Caribbean
4 Mid Atl 1
3 Santa Cruz
2 To Madeira
1 Bay Biscay
Picture page.
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UK Refit 1:
taking it apart
was easy.. engroom1.jpg (19170 bytes)


Voyage Logs 2000-  a look back on our Global Odyssey from Auckland to the States and Europe...

NY, Halifax to

Easter Island to Panama and Miami

Miami to New York
Auckland to Easter Island

For pictures of
London Voyagers Club reunion
Click here

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