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2 April - 21 May - See more here

Tues 24 April 2001
Nuku Hiva, Marquesas
The ship has spent a couple of days here and having moved alongside the wharf to take on fresh water is departing for Tahiti. They expect to stop once in the Tuamotos before reaching Papeete. 
Just in - Sally's Web Log report from Easter Island onwards. See below!
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Salhelm1 small.jpg (7029 bytes)25 April. Just recieved - First Mate Sally Anderson's Web Log report from Easter Island onwards. This is written at sea a couple of weeks ago as they sail towards the Marquesas. In this first installment Sally reviews their time at Easter Island and the voayge to Pitcairn:

"Today is Saturday the 14th of April and I think we are 150 odd miles off the Marquesas, the North Eastern group of islands within French Polynesia.
One should never assume at sea, but the reason I only "think" we are here is that not only is the GPS covered up, but now the compass too!!

We have taken the art of navigation another step back - Polynesian Navigation.  Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia form Oceania; a term used to describe the area of the Pacific bound by Hawaii in the North, Easter Island in the East, New Zealand in the South and New Guinea in the West. Oceania’s colonisation, we believe, originated from mainland and island South East Asia starting nearly 3500 years ago. The methods used to navigate the Pacific then is what we have adopted from about 300 nautical miles south of the Marquesas and I’ll elaborate on these methods further on in the weblog The last weblog ended with the ship anchored off Hanga Roa, Easter Island.

moai6.jpg (2895 bytes)Everyone was enthralled with Rapa Nui. The famous stone statues are known as Moais. The quantity, variety and size of these statues held us in awe. The quarry where they where sculptured still contains many partly finished Moai. As the majority of Moais where surrounding the coast, it was intriguing to speculate how they were transported there from the inland quarry. But the Moais are only part of the wonder of this amazing island. The three volcano craters where spectacular sights, in particular Rano Kau, forming the southern end of the island.
easter_isalnd.jpg (4564 bytes)The Bird Man history was also fascinating. A boy from each of the islands villages would be chosen to descend the cliffs at Orongo, the sea facing cliffs of the crater Rano Kau. And swim to a small island about half a mile off where he would collect a particular birds egg and return with it, back up the cliff to his village chief. The first chief to hold an undamaged egg would rule the island for a year. The Bird Man images were stunning. If you ever get the chance to go to Easter Island - GO!

Fri 23rd March
A busy morning spent preparing the ship to sail. "Old" VCrew returning to the ship and "new" VC settling in. A wide assortments of fresh fruit, vegetables and stores arriving. The deck looks like a busy market morning. The vegie nets on deck are brimming with watermelons, avocados and pineapples and huge banana tree branches are lashed about the deck.

At 1415 we sail off the anchorage with a fair North Easterly wind. Easter Island lies at approximately 27 degrees South Latitude while Pitcairn lies at 25 degrees so our course is more or less westerly.

Sun 25th March
Bacon and Eggs day. The wind has freshened and we’ve been making a good 5 knots. Fishing buoys reported by the bow watch, so rescue boat launched for Man Over Board practice. We have added a fourth group to the watch system, the day-workers. Everyone rotates between the deck and day watches weekly. The day workers look after dishes and are involved in deck maintenance and get the chance to cook dinner for a night!

Mon 26th March
sextants noon.jpg (7300 bytes)NE’ly winds, but light. The Jim Cottier School of Navigation has expanded its syllabus. Now available, a beginners and an advanced class in celestial nav!!

Celestial Navigation is the "in" thing aboard. VC and PC alike are keen to learn as much as possible. Jim holds his classes most afternoons after smoko.

If the moons up and not new, or the clouds allow stars at twilight or it’s around noon, there’s a mad dash to get to the sextants.

Tue 27th March
Steady NE winds, force three. We have a stow-a-way from Easter Island. A lone cricket, as in the insect, and a very loud one at that. His new home is somewhere on the windlass and his chirping is quite entertaining for the bow watch at dusk, but most infuriating for the fo’c’sle dwellers in the wee hours!!

Wed 28th March
In the early hours the wind abates to barely light airs. Main Engine starts at 0430 but off again at 0830, the morning brings a NNE’ly wind, just on force three.
The first day-workers dinner!! The Pan - Celtic Dinner. A huge success, the theme being National Dress, but not necessarily your own.

Thur 29th March
Another Man Over Board drill today and the chance for VC to take photos from the ships boats of Soren under sail. The Upperstaysail has been bent off for some minor repairs. Monica and Charlie, who are with us to Vanuatu, are in-charge of bending the sail back on and do a marvellous job.

Fri 30th March
The Main Engine roars to life again at 0330. Light and fickle easterly winds.
A spider has been seen in the galley. One of the wonderful things about going to sea is that there usually aren’t any spiders! This one gets bigger and hairier every time his story is told. We think it has come from one of the banana branches. Within hours of the sighting though the cricket seems to have gone?

Sat 31st March
Wind fills in from NE, Main Engine off at 1015. Wind veers to the SSE.

Rain squalls with fresh winds are about most nights. The light weather sails and wind socks go up and down at least once a night watch, as well as all the hatches and portholes being closed. A little unsettling for those who choose to sleep in hammocks on the deckhouse roof!!

Sun 1st April
We learn of a Black Rat infestation at Pitcairn Island via the SatCom which may affect our stay at Pitcairn, all doom and gloom until Terri appears on deck dressed as a rat and Jim announces April Fools!!

Light Easterly winds. Handed all sail, for a swim. Nick entertains all with his crazy acrobats on the tarzan rope. 1500 Main Engine on and under way.
Today is VC Martins birthday and another day workers dinner, Italian style.   Spaghetti Bolognese and garlic bread.

Squizz and Sally-Anne, our wonderful cooks, have been enjoying there weekly evenings off. They both dress up to the "nines" dinner and get waited on hand and foot all evening!

Mon 2nd April
ENE’ly winds arrive, Main Engine off 0900. Young Geoff (Woods) astounds us all again by climbing to the Topgallant Mast. You can’t get much higher on the Fore Mast.

Tues 3rd April
Wind ENE, force two, backing to the NNW. We’re atop a high moving through.
1230 Land Ho! Cpt Jim gets the tot of rum. Henderson Island ahead!"

To be continued: Pitcairn and on north into French Polynesia.... watch this space.

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