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2 April - 21 May - See more here


Sunday 3rd June 2001
Our new Voyage Crew have embarked for the start of the next passage through French Polynesia. Following Customs clearance and getting official paperwork completed, Soren Larsen has sailed from Papeete. Captain Tony Davies will sail first to Moorea which is about 2 hours away - their e.t.a. there is 1800 local time.

Wed. 30th May 2001 papeete2.jpg (16271 bytes)
Papeete, Tahiti.
Soren Larsen has completed dry dock and is back in the water.  With the hull and topsides freshly painted the crew are busy finishing the dozen other jobs on deck and   getting the ship ready for her next voyage.  The cooks have been out and about in town provisioning the ship with dry stores, meat and drinks and arranging the vegetable delivery for the weekend.  Voyage Crew from the next part of our journey to the Cook Islands are starting to fly in to Tahiti and will be boarding the ship on Sunday.

(A word about Crew Mail here.)

Wednesday 23rd May 2001                  
drydock2.jpg (4224 bytes)A baking hot day stayed dry all day and this allowed the painting of the hull to go ahead. Two coats of antifouling have successfully been applied. It has been decided to stay on the slipway an extra day and Soren will go back in the water on Friday.


DryDock1.jpg (6567 bytes)Monday 21st May 2001

Captain Tony has been caulking deck seams and topside planks as rain yesterday delayed painting. The hull has been spot primed and is ready for the first of two coats of International's antifouling. 



International Paints/Azko Nobel Ltd shipped all the materials for this dry-dock from Auckland some weeks ago. Conditions are very hot and humid so the crew are starting early each morning, although there is no way to avoid working through the heat of the day.

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Monday 13th May 2001
The ship is up on the slipway in Papeete the crew scraping down the loose antifouling on the hull and giving the topsides a well deserved once over. The occasional torrential tropical downpours have tested their patience a little as they prepare the paintwork, but all are working hard and making good progress.

 Tahiti1.jpg (8992 bytes)Monday 8th May 2001
Soren Larsen has arrived in Tahiti and is at the capital Papeete.
Voyage Crew from the Easter Island passage have left the ship and the crew are now preparing Soren for a month of maintenance which includes dry dock here.  Owner Tony Davies has flown up to relieve Captain Cottier who is returning home to New Zealand.

Maeva Beach, near Papette:


Friday 4th May 2001
Soren Larsen is arriving at Moorea this morning (local time) and then aiming to arrive at Papeete tomorrow a.m. Sat 5th

Tues 1st May 2001
The ship is making its way south west through the Tuamotos towards Tahiti.  The ship arrived at Apataki p.m. on the 28th. This beautiful low lying atoll provided a good   snorkelling and an excellent spot for a BBQ ashore. Having made good time they will sail to Rangiora tomorrow.
NEWPart 2 of Sally's Web Log report from Easter Island onwards. See below for her account of Pitcairn and onwards to the Marquesas!

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Tues 24 April 2001
Nuku Hiva, Marquesas
The ship has spent a couple of days here and having moved alongside the wharf to take on fresh water is departing for Tahiti. They expect to stop once in the Tuamotos before reaching Papeete. 

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VOYAGE CREW RETURNING HOME:  Scan and email or post your pictures of your voyage! If you have an account of your trip or a special moment then let us a know. Your tales can be included in the Voyage Log!

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ReRigging Topmast

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UK Refit 1:
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