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2 April - 21 May - See more here


First Mate Sally Anderson's Web Log report from the Marquesas onwards to Tahiti.

June 2001: "Bet you thought we reverted back to Polynesian navigation and got lost!!!
Not quite but we have found our way through the red antifoul dust and we’re back at sea. Ian our webmaster has been keeping you updated and now we can give you some direct news.

Nua Hiva Marquesas- photo Pieter Mol.jpg (9111 bytes)The last report was many moons ago and the ship was cruising through the Marquesas. Just a reminder French Polynesia is made up of 5 groups of islands – the Marquesas in the NE, the Tuamotus to the SW and further again to the Society Islands and the Australes. SE of the Tuamotus are the Gambiers.

Upon clearing the Marquesas we sailed SW through the Tuamotus – the largest group of coral atolls in the world. They lie in a NW/SE line 1,500 kms long. Within the chain there are 78 atolls. We visited Apataki and the largest, Rangiroa. The lagoon is 78 kms long, 24 kms wide; Tahiti would fit inside. The snorkelling was superb and at Apataki we had a beach BBQ, with the mossies.

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Forty eight of the islands are inhabited – total population 14,500.

The Tuamotus are famous for their black pearls (pinctada margarit ifera) and the unfortunate fact two atolls at the SE end have been used as a nuclear test zone. The last test was in 1995 and was met with tremendous, international outcry.

moorea3.jpg (8696 bytes)Our last sail ended in Cook’s Bay, Moorea, 12 miles to the West of Tahiti. We had our end of voyage party here – a fantastic night with lots of heart warming speeches. And cocktails. And to top the night off Sal-Anne and Squiz pierced VC young Geoffs ear in the galley; an earring and a tattoo? What will his grand children say?

On Sunday 5 May we weighed anchor and motored across the Sea of the Moon to Tahiti, coming alongside in Papeete that morning.

How quickly a long voyage finishes. It was a strange day as our VC prepared to leave and by lunchtime the ship was ghostly quiet.

Hello to all the VC from Panama to Easter Island and Easter Island to Tahiti. We miss you all and still think of you often. It was a fantastic voyage. Don’t forget your chafe checks and safety rounds!!! Lots of love from all the crew, and Monica and Charlie.

And guys, stop throwing banana peels out the window – remember you have a speedometer again.

Tahiti – Frangipanis, swaying palms, turquoise water, moonlight beaches and warm, balmy nights. Not quite. Try red antifouling, chipping anchor chains, scraping wood, sanding, caulking hammers banging away, deafening power tools, late nights and the challenge of painting Soren’s bottom in between tropical downpours.

During this maintenance period the ship was hauled out of the water on the 10th and the hull and topsides where prepared for and received a new coat of paint.

Click HERE for pictures of Soren going back in the water after being painted.

We were back in the water on the 28th and preparations began for our next voyage to the Cook Islands.

The crew also managed a few days off and most of us went to Moorea; a real laid back south sea isle. White sandy beaches, deep bays, lush volcanic peaks and beautiful blue/green lagoons. Magic!!!

Monica and Charlie (VC since Curacao and going on to Vanuatu) also ventured to Moorea and discovered scuba diving – they’re both hooked and rarely seen out of the water.

Some of our crew are departing here.

Western Australian deckie Troy is heading back to Oz, probably Sydney, looking for another ship.

Ship’s carpenter Andrew is heading back home to NZ to his farm.

Sydney deckie Rob is also heading home to carry on building boats in his Dad’s yard.

As part of the jobs rotation Jimma is replacing Andrew as Ship's Carpenter and Nick has replaced Jimma as Bosun.

Our three new deckies are Joost from Holland (a cousin of Bernt's..), Richard from NZ and Western Australian Dave.

And before we knew it was the 3rd June and the new VC were boarding, including my Dad! What a treat.


Below are links to Sally Anderson's Web Log reports from the Galapagos to Easter island:
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UK Refit 1:
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