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21 Nov

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Tues 21st Nov
Salhelm1 small.jpg (25054 bytes)First Mate Sally Andersen continues her Web Log, her account of the voyage from the deck:

Hi All WebLog-

13th Nov: Westerly wind again. Time went by as we kept heading for Casablanca. The wind finally veered to fresh North Westerly and now we’re heading for Madeira.

map14 Nov.jpg (10967 bytes)14 &15th: Tack & wear practice. Squalls make good T’Gallant practice but bad timing for the fancy dress party night. However Permanent crew &Voyage Crew are enjoying warm weather we're getting now. Magnificent bread baking on the 12-4 watch, they are really getting the measure of the new Zanussi cooker.

16 &17th Porto Santo: VCrew went on a good bus tour around this small island that is to the north east of Funcal. Tony reminisced about calling here in 1987 when Soren Larsen was flagship of the Australian First Fleet ReEnactment voyage – this was their first port call from Portsmouth and he recalled his kids, Tristan and Natasha playing on the beach here with Fleur and Andy R. and John Gyrska. All enjoyed the pubs & restaurants ashore and then it was back aboard.

Overnight sail and the lights of Madeira made a magnificent backdrop

-18 &19th: In Funchal, Madeira we found the at the QE2 had taken our spot on the wharf and we had to anchor in the harbour. Here at the peak above the harbour there was a spectacular chair lift 550 m to the top and crazy basket ride down – which we all survived! A certain amount of Madeira wine was sampled and we suspect bought and stowed away below. Departed 20th for Santa Cruz

21st: Light airs and motor sailing in the big weather system of the Azores High

however it made a good opportunity to do a Man Overboard drill and fire drill practice. Took the DOTI boat out for a run and gave everyone the chance for a photo opportunity of the ship under sail.

Now with the bar set up around the main mast we’re enjoying cocktails on the main deck on this balmy warm night

Our e.t.a. Santa Cruz 1500 tomorrow.

First Mate Sal.

For the Voyage Log from the UK to Cape Finestere to click here

See more pictures of Soren LArsen's spectacular departure from Charlestown here.

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UK to Tenerife
Sally's reports:

1 Bay of Biscay
2 To Madiera
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Leaving Charlestown Harbour.
Picture page.

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ReRigging Topmast

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UK Refit 1: taking it apart was easy.....

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Voyage Logs 2000-  a look back on our Global Odyssey from Auckland to the States and Europe...

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NY, Halifax to

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Miami to New York

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Easter Island to Panama and Miami
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Auckland to Easter Island
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For pictures of
London Voyagers Club reunion
Click here

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