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Thursday 13th  September 2001
Today Soren Larsen is due to arrive in Port Vila at the conclusion of her 10 day voyage from Santo. The ship will have 10 days in Pt Vila to for maintenance and painting before the next voyage to Noumea, New Caledonia.

Tony_Vlog.jpg (6073 bytes)Friday 6th September 2001 - Ambrym
Captain Tony reports in :
"Sailed Monday pm from Aore, Santo and proceeded over night north of Ambae to Maewo with fine weather light winds under half sail/ motor.

Tuesday afternoon spent at Asanvari where the snorkelling was very good . Wednesday morning the VC went ashore and enjoyed guided walks through the village to the gardens & dip in the waterfall. Later in the afternoon the village again put on a custom dance for us and this time ladies do their dance as well as the men! This followed by the choir singing their church & welcome song and then it was kava all round – its still very strong and there were a few staggering VC & PC. Finally they presented us with a pig & yam feast accompanied by their string band. As usual a great time and to mark our visit the ship left a painted flag of Søren for the Asanvari yacht club.

Farewell to Chief Nelson and the village - Nelson produced the spare outrigger for Ian's canoe which was loaded on the ship to take to Auckland!

Ambrym.jpg (17650 bytes)Thursday motor/sail down west of Pentecost direct to Ranvetlam . In the afternoon VC get ashore to visit Ranon village and later locals arrive in canoes to trade carvings on the ship.


Today Friday 22 have set off to for the day's walk to the volcano and on Saturday morning I aim to leave early and sail to Malekula. All's well abaoard, will report more soon. "

vanuatu_map.jpg (17375 bytes)Sunday 2nd September 2001
Soren Larsen is at anchor in the Luganville Channel just off the Aore Resort.  The ship is back here for a 4 day turnaround and tomorrow starts the Vanautu Discovery South voyage V.151.
This 10 day trip will take her south via Maewo, Pentecost, Ambrym and others.

Wednesday 29th August 2001
The ship is arriving back in Luganville, Santo this afternoon and tomorrow morning will mark the end of their Banks Islands voyage.


Party Pictures Page: It is always a dilemma ek_19small.jpg (4731 bytes)whether to publish images of Soren deck parties that may alarm the uninitiated, however as it was Don's birthday ...
Warning! Contains un-adult themes and scenes from the dressing up bag which may disturb. If you are over 18 years AND have been a Soren Voyage Crew before - click HERE


Sunday 26th August 2001
Soren Larsen has been north to Ureparapara via the Reef islands. Great snorkelling and sailing and the village welcome and custom dancing at Ureparapara was terrific. Today the ship is anchored off the west coast of Vanua Lava and will sail down the west coast of Santo over the next couple of days.

Thursday 23 August 2001
The ship has sailed north up the east coast of Santo and on into the Banks Islands (V.150).

Monday 20th August 2001
Soren Larsen is anchored at Lunganville on the south side of Espiritu Santo in northern Vanuatu.  She has just completed a 17 day voyage from Fiji and is today commencing a 10 night cruise north to the remote Banks Islands.  Soren Larsen has been anchored in the company of the Canadian tallship Picton Castle, which paused in her voyaging to greet us here in Santo. Captain Dan Moorland and our captain Tony Davies were soon swapping yarns, comparing anchorages around the world and sharing (scornful) views of Sydney compulsory pilotage regs - as tallship skippers will...
Dan invited the crew to a party on Picton Castle on Friday evening and they did us proud - we thank them for their hospitality which we hope to repay in another port another time. See their website here.

Ruth Soren small.jpg (5588 bytes) Read Voyage Crew Ruth Okey's account of Tonga - Fiji HERE. "I arrived on Tongatapu  the main island of Tonga,  tired and apprehensive on Saturday after a long flight from England. I managed to meet several of the other voyage crew (VC) that evening and we all had dinner together and discussed or imminent adventure......."

Ian is now back in the Auckland office, having returned from a stint onboard and this WebLog should now resume normal service. Stay tuned!

monica_yard_small.jpg (11550 bytes)Voyage Crew Monica Halvorson's  account of FIJI on the voyage from Tonga:
As we entered Fiji’s waters, we were once again following in Captain Bligh’s footsteps. As it turns out, Bligh and the other 17 men who were sailing across the Pacific Ocean following the mutiny on the HMS Bounty were in fact the first Europeans to truly "discover" Fiji. Captain Tasman sailed to the northeast corner of Fiji in 1643 and Captain Cook anchored off the small island of Vatoa on the southeastern edge of Fiji in 1774. These two men, however, did not explore the full extent of this archipelago. Captain Bligh sailed through the entire group in 1789 on his way from Tofua in the Ha’apai Group of islands within the Kingdom of Tonga (where they were initially set adrift by the mutineers) over to Dutch Timor. As Bligh and his men started to leave Fiji by sailing past Yasawa i Rara at the northwestern extremity, they were pursued by a large Fijian canoe. The canoe came within bowshot and several arrows were fired but Bligh and his men managed to escape.

We began our own exploration of Fiji on the island of Ovalau on Friday, July 20. Once cleared by Customs, Immigration, Port Health and even the Army (to ensure we weren’t smuggling any contraband to support rebel factions within Fiji), we were allowed to go ashore. We landed at the wharf in Levuka. Sailors have been coming to Levuka in significant numbers since the early 1800’s. By the 1850’s, the town had a reputation for wild drunkenness and violence. By the 1870’s, there were about 3,000 Europeans living in Levuka which is equivalent to its total population today. Levuka was proclaimed the capital of Fiji in 1874 when Fiji became a British colony by ceding itself to Great Britain to avoid being taken over by other world powers. With the movement of the capital to Suva in 1882, and most of the trading shortly thereafter, Levuka was basically frozen in time which gives it its charm today.

Most of the buildings and storefronts along the main thorough way of Beach Street date back to the late 19th and 20th centuries and sit on the west side of the street facing east and looking out over the Koro Sea. Directly behind the small village are volcanic peaks covered in lush green foliage. One of the landmark buildings is the Sacred Heart Church, built in 1858, whose bell tower supports one of the lead-in lights into the harbor. You can walk the entire length of the town easily in 10 minutes but it takes us much longer as we savor the view. Our attention is drawn to loud cheering from behind the main street. We follow the sound along a beautiful canal until we reach a large open area at the base of the towering hills where a rugby match is underway. Several hundred people – mostly high school aged wearing their school uniforms – are seated in the small stadium and along the sidelines cheering in unison with every play of the match. We watched until the game ended but then couldn’t pull ourselves from the beautiful setting. As we sat along the field watching everyone else pass by, we were joined by two teachers from a nearby primary school. We visited together for a while and then walked with them to their school – up 191 steps – which has a magnificent view of the sea.


Voyage Crew Monica Halverson recounts their voyage from Nuku'alofa through the Kingdom of Tonga.

haapai3.jpg (11153 bytes)TONGA: Having spent four full days in Tongatapu enjoying the King’s birthday celebration, tasting the infamous kava and local foods, swimming in a cave by candlelight, watching the sunset over a coastline of blowholes, and listening to the loud and harmonious singing from the ubiquitous churches, it was time to set sail again.... MORE HERE
[For Tonga Part 2 Click here ]


V146 : see pictures  - on deck through French Polynesia! Here.

Salhelm1 small.jpg (7029 bytes)
Here is 1st Mate Sally Anderson's Weblog report of the voyage from the Cook Islands:

"The Cook Islands were an absolute delight. Tranquil, easy going, relaxed and inexpensive. V.B at the bar and a cinema!!! The crew were ecstatic. MORE....

VC John Anderson's account Part 2 of the previous voyage from Bora Bora to the Cook Island and their stay in Rarotonga MORE ....... "Visually Bora Bora is magnificent. It is probably the most photographed island in the South Pacific, and rightly so. Entering the lagoon is stunning, and as we did the cloud cleared revealing the island in all its splendour.......

Also here  is Voyage Crew John Anderson's account (Part 1) of the  voyage from Papeete to Bora Bora - Click here!

But click here for   shots of Soren in dry-dock at Tahiti.

(A word about Crew Mail here.)

Click here for the Web Log report Pitcairn / Henderson to Marquesas.

Click here for  the Web Log report Easter Island - Henderson.

Below are links to Sally Anderson's Web Log reports from the Galapagos to Easter island:
Pan-Tahiti-map.gif (10484 bytes)

Part 1 tells of their passage from Panama to Cocos island - 7/12th Feb. Click here.

Part 2 covers from Cocos Island to the Galapagos - 13/18th Feb.  Click here: 

Part 3 recounts their journey between Galapagos and Easter Island, and their experiment in traditional navigation methods,   22 - 28th Feb:

Part 4: Continues the passage to their arrival at Easter Island, 1st-19th March: Click here.


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Voyage Crew
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Voyage Crew Memories
Ian Marshall's Atlantic Crossing Voy 142, Dec 2000
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See pictures of the Curacao - Panama voyage at V. Crew Bob Lewis' own webpage


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See pics from John Homes and Alan Murphy of the Grenada-Curacao leg.

Leaving Charlestown
Picture page.
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ReRigging Topmast

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UK Refit 1:
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A look back on our Year 2000  Global Odyssey from Auckland to the States and Europe...

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