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Tues 28 Nov 2000

The ship has departed Santa Cruz, Tenerife at 1750 local time today.
All is well on board as they head west by south into the Atlantic. They report that they have calm conditions and  are motorsailing . 

Below is US Military Met. Forcast from Wed 29 Nov.
Check their weather maps and satalite images at

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Mon 27th Nov 2000

Tenerife  - Voyage Crew arrival day.  This is always a hectic time as our new guest crew arrive, with bags piling up on the main deck and people jamming the stairs as they endeavour to get gear down below and into their cabins.  Terri is doing 'signing on' as each person fills out and sign Ship's Articles. Barry the 2nd Mate is issuing safety harnesses at the same time and different crew are taking everyone around the ship is small groups for an introductory tour. Controlled pandemonium.
Photo Jan Philips - Soren LarsenBy noon its time to call everyone up on deck for the formal introductions and a chance to officially meet our new shipmates. A couple are now old friends from the previous voyage from Britain and there are a few others that have sailed with Soren before.

A major new arrival is our new skipper - Captain Colin Faulkner who is taking over from Tony Davies here. Colin has commanded Soren several years ago on the Australian coast and is her relief skipper across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and Panama Canal. (Tony has earned a well deserved break and is having a family Christmas with Fleur in the UK before going home to NZ).

Our new voyage crew spend the rest of the afternoon with safety talks and instruction, some taking the opportunity to climb aloft for the first time while the ship is still in port.  There is a buzz of excitement among the permanent crew and our new arrivals - Soren Larsen is shortly to set off for an ocean passage - across the Atlantic, bound for the Caribbean!!!


For the Voyage Log from the UK to Cape Finestere to click here

For the Voyage Log from the  Cape Finestere to Madiera click here

See more pictures of Soren LArsen's spectacular departure from Charlestown here.

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VOYAGE CREW RETURNING HOME:  Scan and email or post your pictures of your voyage! If you have an account of your trip or a special moment then let us a know. Your tales can be included in the Voyage Log!

Email to escape%40sorenlarsen%2eco%2enz (send max 4 or 5 picture per email)

Soren Larsen Voyagers Log: P.O.Box 310 Kumeu, Auckland 1250 New Zealand


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Voyage Crew Comments:
UK - Tenerife
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UK to Tenerife
Sally's reports:

1 Bay of Biscay
2 To Madiera
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Leaving Charlestown Harbour.
Picture page.

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ReRigging Topmast

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UK Refit 1: taking it apart was easy.....

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Voyage Logs 2000-  a look back on our Global Odyssey from Auckland to the States and Europe...

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NY, Halifax to

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Miami to New York

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Easter Island to Panama and Miami
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Auckland to Easter Island
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For pictures of
London Voyagers Club reunion
Click here

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