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Pic Du Jour: -
'Hell in the Pacific'

The cook's life is one long grind of neverending mealtimes- here Squizzy meets the challenge in Vanuatu:


Friday 3rd November 2001 ArrivalSmall.jpg (5629 bytes)
Soren Larsen is back home in Auckland, alongside Princes Wharf in the Maritime Museum basin, downtown.  Capt. Marti Woods brought the ship in to her berth last Saturday, exactly on time, to complete her 19th month, 30,00 mile Global Odyssey.
Pictures of the morning click HERE 

NEW - Mate Barry Nisbett's own account of the last leg of the voyage from New Caledonia:
8th October 2001 Noumea New Caledonia
"With our last set of voyage crew aboard (including returners Stinge and Mary) we left Noumea for the Isle of Pines, motoring South and then East through the reefs passages just off the New Caledonia south coast. We passed through the beautiful Woodin Channel with steep tree lined hills rising up on both sides of the ship and the sun picking out the nickel-mining scars on the mainland.....

NEW - Thank you to Sarah Scott who has sent some pictures of her Vanuatu - New Caledonia trip . Click HERE

Friday 26th October 2001
Map_Auckland.gif (11642 bytes)Soren Larsen has been at Great Barrier island in the Hauraki Gulf and is now just 24  hours days away from her homecoming to Auckland. Fresh south westerlies made for a boisterous sail from the Bay of Islands and the wind is due go north west for the final run home.

Soren Larsen will be met at the entrance to the Waitemata Harbour by the sailing vessels Breese and Ted Ashley from the National Maritime Museum and escorted to her berth at Princes Wharf west.  Marti will aim to dock the ship at 11am this Saturday to conclude her 35,000 nautical mile, 19 month Global Odyssey!!


NEW HERE - Pictures from Marc & Sheryl from the Vila to Noumea.

Saturday 20th October 2001
Soren Larsen has made landfall on the New Zealand coast!
Capt. Marti Woods brought the ship in to the Bay of Islands this morning to clear customs and immigration at Opua.
They will then motor around to Roberton Island, home of Capt. Jim Cottier, tonight.

Bay of Islands Map.gif (14620 bytes)Jim and Terri plan to put on a BBQ for the ship if the weather allows.
Fresh northerlies have allowed the ship to reach the Bay a little earlier and will allow the ship a week to cruise south via the islands of the Hauraki Gulf to their final destination in Auckland on Saturday 27th.


Monday 15th October 2001
Soren Larsen is now at Norfolk Island - half way to New Zealand. They have had all sail set in light airs as they slowly sailed south.
norfolk.jpg (3524 bytes)

For more about Norfolk Island see http://www.norfolkisland.com.au

The ship will arrive in NZ at Opua in the Bay of Islands and then spend the last few days of the voyage sailing down the coast to Auckland. Her eta at Princes Wharf is 11am Saturday 27th October.

NEW See VC Rosie's Pictures and comments of Fiji-Vanautu: HERE

NewCalMap.jpg (17327 bytes)8th October 2001
Noumea, New Caledonia.

Today Soren Larsen boards new voyage crew for the last leg of the Global Odyssey Voyage to New Zealand!   Captain Marty Woods intends to sails via the Iles de Pins on the way south from Noumea.

Previous trip Pt Vila  to Noumea:
Fi, our assistant cook, has written her account of the trip HERE.

1st October 2001
Arrived Noumea 0715 Sunday 30th. Following from Capt Marty Woods: -
When the ship sailed from Port Vila and we managed a stop in Erromango on the way down to Tanna, which was a new port of call for the vessel.
Tanna was magic even though the volcano is quite quiet at the moment. Since our last visit here a few years ago the volcanic lake is now empty following volcanic activity and landslips and at Port Resolution the dougong that lived there and regularly terrorised visitors swimming at the anchorage is sadly dead.
PeterVsuperyaht.jpg (12017 bytes)We had a fantastic traditional feast at the village and the dance by the John Frum cult topped it off.
Great sail here to New Caledonia, saw Pilot whales on the way and finally motored the last few hours in to port this morning.


We shall now spent the next 3 days exploring the many beautiful islands that are outlying from Noumea and return here late Wednesday. Pt Resolution_small.jpg (9638 bytes)

Wednesday 26th September 2001
On Monday our new Voyage Crew arrived for V152 to Noumea. After our normal introductions and safety briefing the ship sailed around to spend a day at a snorkelling location within Vila harbour. Yesterday the captain finally obtained permission to sail via Tanna island to the south east and the ship has set out on the   30 hour passage to Port Resolution.VanuatuSouthMap.jpg (7925 bytes)

We welcome back Marti & Lisa on this voyage - Captain Marty Woods takes over from Tony as skipper for the completion of the Global Odyssey voyages home to Auckland.



Friday 21 September 2001
Soren Larsen has
BarryChippy.jpg (13294 bytes)spent the last week in Port Vila, Vanuatu's capital catching up on some maintenance and allowing the crew a few days break before the start of the next voyage to New Caledonia. The first half of the week was rainy and it was frustrating not to get more painting done on deck.



The last trip from Santo south to Vila was the first voyage for our new Cook No.2 Fiona - here is Fi's impression of Vanuatu's islands:

"We left the waters of Aore, off Espiritu Santo on 3rd September for an overnight passage to Maewo island. We anchored in the beautiful bay surrounding Asanvari village and the crew snorkelled above the coral reef and some were lucky to swim with a sea turtle. vanuatu_map.jpg (17375 bytes)On Wednesday, Chief Nelson presented an evening of kastom dancing, a feast of roast pig & yam and the South Sea intoxicant of choice: kava. It is made from the roots of the Piper methysticum shrub and is a murky, muddy blue colour with a slight aniseed taste; quite revolting to drink but considered rude to refuse!
These were served in half coconut shells in either ‘tide-in’ (full) or ‘tide-out’ (half) sizes. Although your mind is fully intact, it felt initially like a massive body shot of happy dental anaesthetic and before long everyone was up and dancing with the local kids to the stringband. It was a great evening and George, a retired doctor and our oldest member of the voyage crew, reckoned it was the best night he’d had since medical school!

From Maewo, we headed to Ambrym island, home to 2 volcanoes, Mt Marum and Mt Benbow. Friday was a marathon 10 hour day spent walking from Ranvetlam village through the jungle, up onto the ash plain and a steep climb of the lava slopes to the rim of Mt Marum. There below us at 1000m was the wild erupting explosions of the earth's core - it was an amazing sight to watch, if petrifying. In true style, Lucy’s canvas hat blew out from under her bag and into the volcano.

Ambrym.jpg (17650 bytes)Ambrym is famous for its tamtams (a kind of drum with stylised faces and big eyes reminiscent of the Easter island statues) and carvings of which most of us purchased at least one, either in the village or when local men in dugout canoes came out to the ship. Our young guide to the volcano, Leah explained that these carvings were once believed to come alive at night and scared away invading cannibalistic neighbours.

Saturday 8th we anchored in Bangan Pt Bay, Malekula island where the local chief organised a kastom dance of the Small Nambas. Both Big and Small Namba men of Malekula wear pandanus fibre penis sheaths and as far as I know, the Big and Small relates only to the size of the sheath!

As Sunday is a very quiet day in Vanuatu, most of us went snorkelling off Sakote island in the Maskelyne islands. Tiny electric blue fish danced with rainbow coloured beauties while pale sky blue tiddlers hovered above pink coral. Absolute heaven! PC Dave caught a very ugly looking barracuda that night and it found its fate in a plate of fresh coconut cream and lime juice.

RichMelons.jpg (10397 bytes)At Lamen Bay, Epi island, we went snorkelling in the hope of meeting the resident dugong but unfortunately there was no sighting. However later as we prepared dinner, a group of dolphin passed by the Soren and we watched as they jumped and played off into the distant sunset.

An overnight passage brought us to Mele Bay by midday where Tony informed us of the terrorist attacks in the US. A real contrast to an idyllic 10 day voyage.

Thursday 20th September
We’ve now been anchored at Port Vila for almost a week for maintenance. One of the highlights of going ashore has been the market on the waterfront. Ladies in colourful Mother Hubbard dresses sit quietly by the sides selling their fruit and vegetables on trestle tables or displayed on patterned cloth. Quite different to the weekly shop back home!
There's much provisioning to be done before the new Voyage Crew arrive on Monday for the next trip to Tanna and New Caledonia..."

Tony_Vlog.jpg (6073 bytes)Friday 6th September 2001 - Ambrym
See Captain Tony's report from Ambrym , half way through the passage:  "Sailed Monday p.m. from Aore, Santo and proceeded over night north of Ambae to Maewo with fine weather light winds under half sail/ motor...



Party Pictures Page: It is always a dilemma ek_19small.jpg (4731 bytes)whether to publish images of Soren deck parties that may alarm the uninitiated, however as it was Don's birthday ...
Warning! Contains un-adult themes and scenes from the dressing up bag which may disturb. If you are over 18 years AND have been a Soren Voyage Crew before - click HERE


Ruth Soren small.jpg (5588 bytes) Read Voyage Crew Ruth Okey's account of Tonga - Fiji HERE. "I arrived on Tongatapu  the main island of Tonga,  tired and apprehensive on Saturday after a long flight from England. I managed to meet several of the other voyage crew (VC) that evening and we all had dinner together and discussed or imminent adventure......."


monica_yard_small.jpg (11550 bytes)Voyage Crew Monica Halvorson's  account of FIJI on the voyage from Tonga:
As we entered Fiji’s waters, we were once again following in Captain Bligh’s footsteps. As it turns out, Bligh and the other 17 men who were sailing across the Pacific Ocean following the mutiny on the HMS Bounty were in fact the first Europeans to truly "discover" Fiji. CONTINED HERE.....


Voyage Crew Monica Halverson recounts their voyage from Nuku'alofa through the Kingdom of Tonga.

haapai3.jpg (11153 bytes)TONGA: Having spent four full days in Tongatapu enjoying the King’s birthday celebration, tasting the infamous kava and local foods, swimming in a cave by candlelight, watching the sunset over a coastline of blowholes, and listening to the loud and harmonious singing from the ubiquitous churches, it was time to set sail again.... MORE HERE
[For Tonga Part 2 Click here ]


V146 : see pictures  - on deck through French Polynesia! Here.

(A word about Crew Mail here.)


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Voyage Crew
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Leaving Charlestown
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ReRigging Topmast

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UK Refit 1:
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