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Saturday 2 December 2000

Salhelm1 small.jpg (25054 bytes)First Mate Sally Andersen continues her Web Log, her account of the voyage from the deck:

Hi All

0800Zulu 2nd Dec Position 23 47N 23 57W Sailing!
Easterly F4
All VCrew arrived safe and sound on Monday. A Great combination of Americans, Canadians and English. It is forecast strong winds – force 8 so we won’t put to sea until Tuesday avro.

VCrew busy reefing main, learning knots & exploring Santa Cruz. All the new Vcrew climb the mast 1st time! Dan, John & Derek (joined in the UK) manage to find an Irish Pub with Guinness. Let go all lines. Crossing the Pond begins! With no wind! Motor Sailing with Main sail & main stays’l.

Below is US Military Met. Forcast from Wed 29 Nov.
Check their weather maps and satalite images at

Atl_Met_Map.gif (18800 bytes)
Wed: calm, no wind, Peter our Kiwi engineer is of course now proud of our Iron Topsail
..Spinner dolphins sighted. VC settle in to watches & ships routine

Thursday: still no wind. But a big NW swell abeam means that Sal & Squiz’ choc moose won’t set as its too rolly. Next day it reappears as choccy sauce on choccy cake. We do a sail talk in the morning and in the afternoon discuss our route and the trade winds with the V Crew on the main deck. Optimism!! More Spinner dolphins sighted. 12-4am night watch experience a big flash that lights up the whole shi p. Where’s Mulder & Scully when you need them? Next day Satcom navigation warning says Space Shuttle exercises. Uh Oh. NASA flagship Soren Larsen ..?

To help ease the pain of motoring we decide that its time to pull limber chains, & yes the first one jammed (Its Ok Tony – its all free now!!)

Friday: We still can’t put oir sail talks into practice. Beautiful clear nights with lots of star gazing. Main Gaff Tops’l is finally bent on. We spot a slight tear in mainsl, so it is handed for repair. Lucy, the sailmaker is delighted to get her needles and palm out.

Large private yacht comes close to say ‘Hi’ and of course Soren replies with water balloons. We won! We’ll see them in the Caribbean.

Wee small hours of Sat morning and an easterly wind upon us. Even Peter is happy to shut down. Sailing at last & running under four squares and making 6kts. A happy ship. Yippee!!
VC continued to log engine hours and cylinder temperatures in the deck log for four hours after the main engine had been shut down… I’m sure it was just habit!!
Main s’l is fixed, is set & tore again. Grrrr.. 3 days of repair, we jury rig for now

Prize is offered for the watch making the best Christmas decoration (But what will we
do for a tree?)

PS Special message for Marli & Cree: Mum says Hi


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VOYAGE CREW RETURNING HOME:  Scan and email or post your pictures of your voyage! If you have an account of your trip or a special moment then let us a know. Your tales can be included in the Voyage Log!

Email to escape%40sorenlarsen%2eco%2enz (send max 4 or 5 picture per email)

Soren Larsen Voyagers Log: P.O.Box 310 Kumeu, Auckland 1250 New Zealand


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Voyage Crew Comments:
UK - Tenerife
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UK to Tenerife
Sally's reports:

1 Bay of Biscay
2 To Madiera

3 Santa Cruz
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Leaving Charlestown Harbour.
Picture page.

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ReRigging Topmast

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UK Refit 1:

taking it apart was easy.....

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Voyage Logs 2000-  a look back on our Global Odyssey from Auckland to the States and Europe...

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NY, Halifax to

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Miami to New York

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Easter Island to Panama and Miami
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Auckland to Easter Island
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London Voyagers Club reunion
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