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Sat 30th December 2000
Again at Bequia Pos 13 00.44N    061 14.76W

Map Bequia.gif (6504 bytes)Bequia has become our favourite island recently. During the break between voyages over Christmas we left St Vincent and brought the ship to Bequia and had a festive time here. Anchored in Admiralty Bay near our old friends Eye of the Wind. Partying together included a cricket match which, yes they may have won - but only due to their ring-in local demon bowler!!

New Voyage Crew joined us on the 27th in St Vincent and everybody has arrived safely, despite a few flight delays and an exploding Christmas pud.....and already getting into the spirit of things ashore at Bequia. Everybody seems a really nice bunch, perfect for the New Year, especially with the number of Repeat Offenders; Karen and I have yet to start the crib tournament but we are hoping to get a dive this afternoon.

Our first call south from St Vincent is here in delightful Bequia - where the weather continues hot and sunny, very hot in fact. Some are already sleeping on deck.

Happy New Year to all – Terri C.


Sat 30th December 2000
At Bequia

Just a quick report from a rather windy and wet Bequia - yes really! Someone who shall remain nameless invoked the Christmas winds...arrived last night -19th Dec- in wild squalls of 45knots and heavy rain. Interesting (steamy) first night at anchor, still, good crossing of 21 days and few hours. All well onboard, and Xmas season officially opened with excellent chrissie decorations competition, funny how beer cans figured large in the materials. More later, off to Mustique tomorrow possibly and then St Vincent for 22nd PM.


Tues 19th December 2000
Barbados on the beam! E.T.A. Bequia now 0200 GMT on the 20th, Sailing nicely with easterly Force 4, making 5 knots with all squares set. Full Log report tomorrow..

Sunday 17 December 2000
Pos 13 43N 54 43W  Course 265T

wpe1.jpg (10725 bytes)
Sally P. and Terri C. our Cook and Purser - enjoy the sun; photo Margaret Gardiner

Motoring with no wind Approx. 400 n. miles to go. Presently our ETA's will allow us to call at another island prior to arrival at St Vincent and we plan to put in at Bequia.

Friday 15 December 2000
All   OK Pos13 42N  50 33W Speed 6.5kts  Course 270T ETA 5-6 days




Wednesday 13th December 2000

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Tuesday, 5 December 2000 09:09
Pos 20 38N 2813W Trade Wind Avg F4 Good Sailing Spd 5 kts

 Sunday, 10 December 2000 10:02
Pos 17 20N 38 16W Lt Trades Making 4k Steering 240T

Monday, 11 December 2000 09:24
Pos 16 10N 40 05W Spd 5kts Steering 240T

Salhelm1 small.jpg (25054 bytes)

More from First Mate Sally Andersen her Web Log continues from Mid Atlantic:

Hi All

Following classic trade wind route as sailed by Columbus 500 years ago when he headed into the Atlantic from Tenerife:
Steer South West to latitude 20 N then find the trade winds and steer west. (OK, OK, it was 500 years ago when Soren sailed in the Columbus regatta in 1992 - so yes it 508 years ago..)

Soren mid Atl photo Ravi Chowdery (15006 bytes)We sailed further south searching for stronger trades. Now steering west at Lat 14 N. (St Vincent is on Lat 13N).

Wind has been veering all week NE to East, Force 3-4. We have been averaging 4-5 knots - now we have easterly F4-5 and we're making 6-7 knots. Hold on to your hats!

Part 2 of the Main Sail saga.. We bent the new Main on again! The old Mains'l takes six days to repair. Terri & Lucy turn Fore Deck in to a sail loft! Now looks like we will bend old Main s'l on in St Vincent.

Toga party celebrating way-point crossing!

Balmy evenings enjoying sea shanties with Terri & Barry live on deck. A full moon & mild weather lures us on deck at night for sleeping under the stars…

Voyage Crew entertained with my celestial navigation talks (so am I!) & historical talks on St Vincent.

So far we have only caught two fish! Dorado & Scabbard. Both on the 2nd Mate's watch, Barry the fish hero man!

Making Baggy Wrinkle is found to be very therapeutic on a sunny ocean crossing.

Voyage Crew learn their lines for the great pin rail competition. The 4-8 watch win. [This is the first mate's watch. A co-incidence? I think we should be told..]

Voyage Crew & Permanent Crew are now experts with the Gaff topsail, which is set at sunrise and handed at sunset daily.

mapweather11dec.gif (7904 bytes)

Last week a 17m yacht sailed close by. A Dutch couple heading for Barbados. Spoke on the radio a few times. They won't come close though, must have heard about our water balloons!

Crew excited about sports day this Saturday. Winter Olympics!

Terri making grommets (for Quoits) with the Voyage Crew in preparation.

Voyage Crew Ingemar shares a bottle of whisky with all for the half way mark. He introduces us to a Swedish music game. Questions are in Swedish but after the whiskey all made sense!

One whale spotted. Seen birds -The great North Atlantic doo hicky bird! Or maybe storm swept Egret /Estuary Bird. [Sandy - our bird lady of Cape Horn would roll her eyes at this: did we learn nothing for her in all those months - well not much actually..]

Soren_mid_Atl_Photo Ravi Chowdery (11131 bytes)

Last Sunday Captain Colin officially awards the Permanent Crew the day off. Fore Deck turns in to a Beach Resort - blue sky, great sailing and sun baking! What a life..

Luv Sal



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Voyage Logs 2000-  a look back on our Global Odyssey from Auckland to the States and Europe...

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