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Caribs_anchorage.jpg (18520 bytes)Monday 15th January 2001
Soren Larsen sailed from St. Georges on Friday having got our documentation in order. We are now heading towards the Venezuelan island of Margarita.


Wednesday 10th January 2001
Prickly Bay, Grenada

Our new Voyage Crew joined the ship today and we have sailed round the south west corner of the island to Prickly Bay, a sheltered pleasant anchorage on the southern side. Purser Terri has stayed in St Georges to sort out our visas for Venezuela. The plan is to explore here for a couple of nights and then clear customs back in St Georges before sailing south towards the Venezuelan island of Margarita.

Grenadamap.jpg (21470 bytes)








St_Georges2.jpg (13870 bytes)Sunday 7th January 2001
St Georges, Grenada
Arrived at St Georges 1700 hrs on the 6th. This marks the end of the Grenadines voyage and St_Georges1.jpg (7386 bytes)what a fantastic time its been. This will be the last day with this great bunch of Voyage Crew as they will depart today.


Tues 2nd January 2001
Salhelm1 small.jpg (14522 bytes)Tobago Cays - the Grenadines.
First Mate Sally Anderson brings her latest Web Log diary up to date with this report of Christams and New Year Caribbean style..

Happy Xmas & New Year!

grenadines_map.gif (8869 bytes)Last you heard think Barabdos was abeam. Great sail across to Windward Isles though at times Easterly F6 with severe squalls. Running under Tops'ls & course with no main. Making 8 kts at times. Some amazing rain squalls - called all hands on deck to enjoy it & tend sails. Wind veered & stayed in the east for the latter part of voyage. Anchored Bequia 2300 19th (making this a 21 day Atlantic passage). All hands aloft to furl the sails. All are in good spirits but some are sad and some happy to see land!

20th Dec. A sleep in - for those of used to the 0400 watch! Late breakie & tropical downpours all morning - Just like the Charlestown, Cornwall refit but hot! Voyage Crew ashore for the arvo & evening.. Guess were they went!

Many boats anchored at Bequia. Just what I'd imagined of a Caribbean island Palm trees, big Bequia1.jpg (17655 bytes)bay, dense tropical vegetation, bright colours, friendly locals, bars & markets & shops right to the waters edge warm turquoise water .

Eye of the Wind (Eye) just leaving for Kingstown before noon - we will see them later.

21st Dec. Sailed to Mustique. Tacking practice on the way.
The afternoon was spent ashore - a beautiful island but very expensive!
Bright pastel coloured houses look magic. Jammed with Mick J. & had tea with Maggie W.!

22nd Dec. Sailed North to Kingstown, St Vincent.

Anchored 1600 and that evening was a farewell & Xmas dinner all in one. Local choirs singing Xmas carols ashore could be heard from aboard….

23rd Dec.  A sad day, all Voyage Crew depart at 1000. Strange to see our Atlantic shipmates go…. Eye of the Wind anchors in the bay & their crew join us for a night of debauchery! Jamming with bongos, fiddle, guitars, didgereedoos

Bequia boats.jpg (16475 bytes)24th Dec. Our Cooks go ashore to the local markets for fresh fruit & veg. We have planned to go back to Bequia for Xmas with Eye. Arrived after lunch Jim & Troy cook dinner for the gals then Perm. Crew get ashore to the Frangipani Bar.
Midnight found us dancing under palm trees to a Pan Band.

25th Dec. Its Xmas! All enjoy a sleep in & late breakie before Santa (Peter) arrives with pressies!!!
A lazy day swimming & playing before meeting Eye's crew on beach for The 1st Test! Beach cricket on Xmas day on a Caribbean island. Magic! (Result - we claim a draw). Squizzie & Sal serve a wonderful traditional Xmas dinner before we head over to the neighbours (Eye) for Xmas drinks.

26th Dec. Back to Kingstown

St Vin brdfrt.jpg (19056 bytes)St Vin Gdns.jpg (17199 bytes)27th Dec. Prepare for the next voyage;

Permanent crew ashore - Botanical gardens are beautiful: St Vincent is where Captain Bligh brought bread fruit from Tahiti (on the voyage after his infamous mutiny - the slaves here decided they didn't like it after all - a descendant of the original tree is in the Botanical Gardens)


bequia2.jpg (16747 bytes)28th Dec. New Voyage Crew board and the morning is spent settling in before we sail and returned again to Bequia . A pleasant sail across to straights between the islands. Velsheda anchored near by - one of three working J-class yachts in world. We last bumped in to them in Auckland during the America's Cup last March, (or rather they bumped in to us in an unfortunate incident - for them, in the Maritime Museum basin). They didn't want to play cricket though.

grendns sunb.jpg (17680 bytes)

29th Dec.
Voyage Crew ashore exploring & snorkelling or just sunbathing on deck.

30th Dec. Departed in the morning for Canouan Island - Voyage Crew loving the sailing. Anchored by the mid afternoon in time for Voyage Crew to get ashore & go snorkelling. Eye anchors here too on their next voyage.





Gren vsls.jpg (14409 bytes)Since arriving in the Grenadines we've seen many different boats: Super yachts, cruise liners, cruising yachts, huge 4 & 5 masted sailing ships cum passenger liners, J class' & gin palaces. You name it, its here!

31st Dec. Sail in company with Eye to Mayreau - what a sight. Anchored Mayreau afternoon. A sumptuous feast for New Years Eve thanks again to Squiz & Sal then Voyage Crew & permanent crew ashore to Roger Righteous' Bar! Soren crew back aboard for the New Year with Anne (oldest crew aboard) ringing out the old year with 8 bells & Lucy ringing in the New another 8 bells. Then more champagne & dancing! A great night.

1st January 2001 (no-one mention the Millennium) Some sore heads this morning.. Eye & Soren Voyage Crew swap ships for a day (& three permanent crew). We sail in company to Union island. What a day - a huge success with plenty of kodak moments (on web soon). Lunch ashore - Beach BBQ and more fun and games (no 2nd test)

2nd Jan Today!
We left Eye this morning - may catch up again.
Motored to famous Tobago Cays for a day of excellent snorkelling! Clear water and amazing colours and 100s of yachts here.

The last Voyage Crew are back aboard   the Avon is being hauled aboard.
Bye for now. Sal




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Voyage Logs 2000-  a look back on our Global Odyssey from Auckland to the States and Europe...

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