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Galapgos Islands, 18th February 2001
The ship  arrived at the Galapagos islands at 1000 hours local time on the 17th .  Soren Larsen is anchored at Puerto Aryoa and plans to stay at this place until the 24th.
Full reports to follow. 

Cocos island, 12th Feb
The ship arrived Cocos island which is about 600 miles of the Panamanian coast. This is tiny outpost of Costa Rica. They anchored around midnight on the 11th and stayed until late afternoon on the 12th. They now have light airs and are motorsailing towards Galapagos .
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NEW -   
see pics of Grenada-Curacao leg:


Gulf of Panama, 8th February 2001
Now sailing in the southern reaches of the Gulf of Panama. New VC board 6th and we departed that afternoon. Sailed off anchorage under tops'ls, t'gallant & working staysails. Overnight the fair NW freshens to F5 & veers to the north.

Salhelm1 small.jpg (7029 bytes)First Mate Sally Anderson sends us her latest WebLog report of their time in Panama.

Hi All Web Log -

Looking back to the last voyage leg from Christobal:
PanKris2.jpg (10164 bytes)We transited of the Panama Canal on the 31st Jan with bulk carrier Crimson Galaxy. Entered 1st chamber of the Gatun Locks 0905 which raised the ship 26m above sea level via 3 chambers to Gatun Lock & Gallard Cut. The Cut slices through the continental divide & carved through rock 8 miles long & 500m wide. Next was the Pedro Miguel Lock which lowers the ship 9m before we reached the Miraflores Locks at the Pacific side of the Canal (this is where the web cam pictures come from). The two chambers here lowered the ship the remaining 14 m to the Pacific Ocean.
Canal_Map.gif (14584 bytes)

To transit the canal was an amazing experience. Engineering & construction is phenomenal yet the concept is so simple!

Transit took 10 hrs & after passing under bridge Oamrcs we anchored off Balboa Yacht Club

Now we're definitely homeward bound!

VC departed on 1st Feb. apart from 4 who stay on to sail further across the Pacific with us. These include Charlie & Monica from Indiana who are with the ship to Vanuatu.

All enjoyed the time in Panama, the locals were friendly, helpful & proud of their country.

Some VC & PC travel to El Valle, 200 km west of the city. A great little village with virgin rainforest and the local market on a Sunday was a treat. Squizzy our cook, tries the flying fox through the rainforest canopy! (Pictures anyone??)

Balboa Yacht Club, burnt down the other year, and it was replaced with a small outdoor bar & pool - which became our home for the week we were there.

New VC joined 6th (Waitangi Day) New Zealand here we come!

Bye Sal

Balboa Panamachrisportwine_sl3small.jpg (4996 bytes) 6th Feb. 2001
Yesterday, Monday 5th, all new Voyage Crew arrived at the ship. The ship has been completing  preparations to sail. Farewell here to relief skipper Captain Colin Faulkner  - thank you Colin for safely bringing the ship to here from Tenerife - and welcome back to Captain Jim Cottier who takes command for this voyage to Tahiti. 

Today is Waitangi Day, New Zealand's national day and is celebrated by the Kiwis on board - as well as being Capt. Jim's birthday.  A most appropriate day to cast off and set sail out into the Pacific - the ship sailed at 1530 Panama time.


PANAMA CANALsorenPanama.jpg (26345 bytes)

We watched the ship go through the Lock system on the Panama Canal's webcams!

Click here for the sequence of pictures of the ship going through the lock. (It may take a few moments to load - but worth it..)

As of now at 15.50 local time Panama, Soren Larsen has entered the Pacific Ocean!!!

She is now making her way to Balboa roads anchorage.

For more info about the Canal look at for the Miraflores Locks webcam  at the Pacific end of the canal. )

Monday 29th January
Christobal, Panama
Arrived Christobal on   28th Jan 1355  GMT (Local Time 0855) Officials haven't boarded yet,but we have had contact with the local agents Boyd Steamship. We may know tomorrow when we shall be given Canal transit date.

Salhelm1 small.jpg (7029 bytes)First Mate Sally Anderson sends us her latest WebLog report from Christobal:

G'day.  Today finds us anchored off Christobal at the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal. Very hot and muggy.  Our transit is confirmed 31st Jan.  Watch us on web cam if you can.

The sail from Willamstad, Curacao to here rates as some of the best sailing I've ever done. Running with North east trades Force 5 -7 with heavy seas Soren made 10 kts at times & this continued for five days! We covered 725 nautical miles 5.5 days averaging 7 knots.

Back to Willamstad -  19th Jan: Another great day sailing from Bonaire to Curacao. We handed sail off the harbour entrance and waited for clearance. Willamstad stands astride a channel which leads to a large bay named Schotteat with a mammoth oil refinery. Constant stream of large tankers proceeding to the refinery 24 hrs a day. The channel was lined with traditional Dutch building painted in bright coloured pastels - all very pretty. Pedestrian pontoon swing bridge lies across the seaward end of Channel - one end is hinged & the swing end is propelled by large outboards It was great to sit and watch the bridge open & see ships come through, which included many passenger liners. We berthed about half way up the channel on the north side. Peter, the engineer becomes the ship's ambassador with his Dutch heritage ("Hello - how are you today?" ??). Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao aka the A B C islands make up the Netherlands Antilles. This is another contrast to the traditional Caribbean islands we saw in the Grenadines.

There was an entertaining last supper before the half our Voyage Crew depart here.

Time in Willamstad was spent exploring, hammock shaping & ship's maintenance.. Some VC hired a car to go to the National Park and see the butterflies, flamingos, iguanas etc

Had PC dinner - a bit of a special night as it’s the first time we're all off the ship together since sailing from Charleston in Cornwall!

Taking on diesel & water takes time as the passenger liners come first! New VC join on 23rd & we depart at 2100. Two magnificent fireworks displays.

 This next week we will savour for a long time - this was just magical sailing:

The third night out encountered a school of flying fish - literally 100s were on deck within 10 minutes! All over the deck, through the head skylights, down the main companionway to the main saloon - everywhere…Quite a sight!

VC became expert at sail handling & wearing ship. All of which always seem to happen at night. Jim & Morris, the brothers from USA and Jim's son Warren are soon dab hands aloft. Morris & Jim are found furling the course and Warren makes it all the way the T'Gallant!

North Equatorial current is predominantly setting west. Within 400 n.m. from Panama the Caribbean counter current play havoc as it deflects off the Central American coast and rejoins the Equatorial current.

Arrived off Christobal 0800 28th Jan. All are sad to have to hand sail! VC Chris steers the ship through the breakwater. All sorts of different ships everywhere at this ocean crossroads. The day is spent cleaning ship & organising Customs & the canal transit. Pina coladas at sunset before Sunday roast dinner.

29th Jan: Some VC take tour to the first of the canal locks on the Atlantic side -Gatun Locks, raising ships 26 metres from the Caribbean Sea to Gatun Lake Others go to the old Spanish town of Potobello where in 16th and 17th century bullion & pilfered riches were stored before galleons sailed for Spain with the King's treasure! Ruins of two forts that protected the old town still stand. Portobello was settled after Francis Drake sacked the nearby town Nombre de Dios in 1596. (early Rule Brittania…)

VC & PC also enjoy the hospitality of Colon Yacht Club. There is a special dinner tonight for VC Judy's birthday.

The next Web Log will be from the Pacific - all aboard are very excited.

See Web Log 20 Jan - a new report just rcvd from Sally in Curacao - of the passage through the Venezuelan marine park.

Friday 26th January
Brilliant Sailing. Runing downwind with westerly Force 6. Looks like we could have an early eta Panama Canal (28th 0001Local time) Happy Australia Day!

Wednesday  24 January
Dutch Antilles

The ship has now departed Willemstad, the capital of Curacao and is now bound for Panama. Departure was delayed slightly while arrangements were made to fill the ship's tanks with fresh water here and departure was in the early hours of this morning.


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8 Panama Pics
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5 Arrival Caribbean
4 Mid Atl One
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2 To Madeira
1 Bay of Biscay

Leaving Charlestown Harbour
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ReRigging Topmast

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UK Refit 1:
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Voyage Logs 2000-  a look back on our Global Odyssey from Auckland to the States and Europe...

NY, Halifax to

Easter Island to Panama and Miami

Miami to New York
Auckland to Easter Island

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