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As of 15.50 local time Panama, Soren Larsen has entered the Pacific Ocean!!!
Here is a sequence of pictures of the ship going through the Miraflores Locks at the Pacific side of the Panama Canal.

Thank you to all those who watched and sent through images to make this page possible.

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PanKris2.jpg (10164 bytes)Soren Larsen at the Miraflores Locks





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The mechanised 'mules' which pull the big ships through the locks - these would be too powerful for Soren Larsen and we used line handlers to the lock side.



For more info about the Canal look at


For the Voyage Log from the UK to Cape Finestere to click here

For the Voyage Log from the  Cape Finestere to Madeira click here

See more pictures of Soren Larsen's spectacular departure from Charlestown here.


VOYAGE CREW RETURNING HOME:  Scan and email or post your pictures of your voyage! If you have an account of your trip or a special moment then let us a know. Your tales can be included in the Voyage Log!

Email to escape%40sorenlarsen%2eco%2enz (send max 4 or 5 picture per email)

Soren Larsen Voyagers Log: P.O.Box 310 Kumeu, Auckland 1250 New Zealand

Contact our Auckland HQ:
Phone 00 649 411 8755
Fax 00 649 4118484
Email : escape%40sorenlarsen%2eco%2enz
Postal address P.O.Box 310 Kumeu
Auckland 1250 New Zealand

Voyage Crew Comments:
UK - Tenerife
Pacific Wedding 96


Soren's Xmas Card



Sally's reports:

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7 Venez Islands
6 Grenadines
5 Arrival Caribbean
4 Mid Atl One
3 Santa Cruz
2 To Madeira
1 Bay of Biscay

Leaving Charlestown Harbour
Picture page.
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ReRigging Topmast

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UK Refit 1:
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Voyage Logs 2000-  a look back on our Global Odyssey from Auckland to the States and Europe...

NY, Halifax to

Easter Island to Panama and Miami

Miami to New York
Auckland to Easter Island

For pictures of
London Voyagers Club reunion
Click here

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