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Soren Larsen Voyager Club Reunion in London
Sunday 10th September 2000

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          Soren Larsen's return to the UK for the first time in seven years provided the perfect excuse for a party - as if any reason was needed.  It was appropriate that we were back in St Katharines Dock, next to Tower Bridge, as it was here that she first set out for the southern hemisphere on the Australian First Fleet Re-Enactment Voyage in 1987. Following a brief note in 'Between the Masts' and the usual  word of mouth network of the Voyagers Club,  we had the decks packed with around 70 voyagers from years past.
          Jeremy had even brought an eight piece brass band with him which set up on the starboard maindeck which merrily played everything from  The Wild Rover to the The Onedin Line theme. Thanks to all who brought food and wine to supplement Abi and Dinty's lunch.
          It was great to see Kate, Jean, Judy, David, Christine, Annie, Pat, Olga, John, Margaret, Mathew, Jean, Lorraine, Thessa, Keith, David, Eva, Taylor, Stephanie, Nickie, Nicola, Iain, Jim, Chris, Steve, Big Kate, Little Kate, Jan, Brian, Owen, Christopher, John, Dave, Jimmy, Heather, Bonny, June and Spacey among many, many more.
          It was lovely to see so many people sharing fond memories of their time on the ship and wishing and dreaming of voyages to come and to see how much 'the experience' that Tony had promised them at the start of their trip had meant to them.  Do stay in touch everyone - and we look forward to the next time!


renon22.jpg (20128 bytes) renon13.jpg (15713 bytes)
Decks are packed...
As our party dominates St Kats Dock...
renon12.jpg (16718 bytes) renon11.jpg (12452 bytes)
Iain checks Martin's haircut (Tony checks his own)
A Master and Master Cake Baker
renon14.jpg (10870 bytes) renon15.jpg (11658 bytes)
Sailors tell tall stories to each other
Planning a future voyage
renon20.jpg (23949 bytes) renon23.jpg (17608 bytes)
Tony thanks everyone who has kept Soren sailing
Margaret wants Ian to take a picture..
renon24.jpg (13727 bytes) renon25.jpg (9257 bytes)
Margaret has the Captain's ear..
renon4.jpg (16738 bytes) renon5.jpg (15440 bytes)
Judy, Jean and Jean
Jeremy brought a brass band..
renon7.jpg (15882 bytes) renon8.jpg (15438 bytes)
Fleur's relatives with Tony
Christine & David with Owen
renon10.jpg (14461 bytes) renon9.jpg (12989 bytes)
Kate, Owen and Annie
And the band played on...

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