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Log entries from the ship 9th June to 8th July 2000.  Soren Larsen joins OpSail 2000 and Tallships 2000 through the States. 
The ship sailed from Auckland on March 8th at the commencement of her 18 month Global Odyssey voyage to the States and Europe, Britain.   Below are log reports and illustrations of her epic journey.

nytimes.jpg (25989 bytes)Saturday 8th July 2000 - New York
The Voyage Crew for our next leg of our journey have arrived and Soren Larsen is preparing to sail from her berth Staten Island in N.Y. Harbour. Captain Jim Cottier and wife Terri leave the ship here and owner/Master Tony Davies has arrived from Auckland to take over the skipper's cabin.

     The ship will sail to New London and spend Sunday night/ Monday there before sailing on to the Sail Boston celebrations. Soren Larsen was mentioned in reports of the 4th of July Parade of Sail on NZ radio and TV but we were pleased to see she also made the front page of the New York Times on the 5th July -

thanks to past (and future) Voyage Crew Ed Slaughter for sending us this picture of her on the parade in company with 'HMS' Rose.



Wed 4th July 2000 - New York
In the Big Apple for Independence Day! Soren Larsen took part in the OpSail 200 Parade of Sail - below are a few of the images captured off the webcam viewing the parade from the New Jersey side:
ny1web.jpg (6106 bytes)
ny4web.jpg (6734 bytes) ny5web.jpg (6190 bytes)

Sunday 2nd July 2000 - Chesapeake Bay
Soren Larsen sailed from Baltimore on the 29th.  The morning of the Parade of Sail was rather damp and overcast and we followed Danmark out of the City.  We are sailing south through Chesapeake Bay in company with 'Oosterschelde', and will then make the seaward passage round to New York.  We aim to arrive there 3rd July in time to take part in the huge Tallships and Naval parade up the Hudson on the 4th July.

Purser Kate Ryan's Diary Extracts of the Voyage from Baltimore to NY and Boston. This first hand account is Kate's personal view of the voyage

Wed 28 June OpSail
Inner Harbour Baltimore:  A few Voyage Crews sign up for day trips to Washington DC & Annapolis. Sampled fine dining in ‘Little Haly’ at a restaurant named ‘Delicios’! Great seafood, very cosy place. Voyage Crew of Soren are invited to sing sea shanties at a small entertainment arena on the waterfront. Terri led the way with her squeezebox and shanty verses. Three new Voyage Balt4.jpg (4873 bytes)Crews join. Harry, Phyllis and Sarah. Opsail provided us all with free tickets to see the Chieftains in concert – kicked off our shoes and danced Irish jigs down the aisles.
Ian rings from the NZ Office to our Opsail cellphone to say .."why aren't the floodlights on!" as he can see on the internet via webcam!!
Thurs 29 June Coaches Island Finally our new batteries arrive - they have been trying to be delivered to us since Charleston. We leave our berth for the Parade of Sail under sail around 10.00am. We were sixth down from the leading ship, Pride of Baltimore. We received a huge reception and cheer from the Tide Point crowds. It was a spectacular sight to see all ships fully rigged and under sail cruising down the Chesapeake Bay. We have to pick up another new Voyage Crew named Sherry, from Maryland, she is dropped off at the ship by another boat. We meet ‘Elizabeth’, her mascot plastic duck! We anchored at Coaches Island. Watches are allocated.
Friday 30 June
Chesapeake Bay
Half of the day motorsailing out of Chesapeake Bay and then we were headed up the east coast again. Sherry has donated a bra to assist us in making the perfect ‘water balloon funellator’. It’s nickname will be the ‘titalator’, ‘hooter shooter’ or 'brassiere bomber’! Terris is working on the spare lower topsail. Dan has been making a new topping lift for the mainsail. Mike has been painting the engine room. Dayworkers have been painting the waywaters and varnishing. Steve has found his niche on the futtocks to sketch/read and contemplate. A special thanks to all Voyage Crews for their help during open days in Baltimore, with the shop and selling the ship. They represented us better than the crew!
Sat 1 July Sally, Catherine and I are planning a surprise for John’s birthday tomorrow. Lyn made an awesome card for him. She sketched an MG green racing   car on the front. Very clever.
cap mir small.jpg (2871 bytes)We sail past Captain Miranda today. We attacked her with water balloons, we managed to aim one right through the Captain’s porthole. The Miranda had a brass band on deck playing Latin American music. We did the congo around the ship and made our own music with pots and pans.
Sun 2 July Sighted the QEII on the 4-8 watch. Since then we have had many party balloons floating past us. A red love heart floated past, and under Captain’s orders, we clued up the course, launched the doti boat and rescued it to give it to John for his birthday today! Sighted many playful dolphins, they leapt 2-3 metres in the air. Had fancy dress party on deck. Theme was automobilia, john mastpg.jpg (4090 bytes)Dan was a skid mark, Pam was in ‘reverse gear’, clothes on backwards, I had headlights (light bulbs in a bra!) and many more.

John and Lauries cabin was booby trapped with balloons, condoms, streamers and messages for the birthday boy.
Mon 3 July New York Anchored outside of New York at Gravesend Bay. We were struck by a freak gale force wind and lightning storm at dinner time. We almost lost the buntings! After that excitement, we had a champagne punch with dinner and celebrated the arrival into New York.
Tues 4 July New York A huge day! We are in New York on 4 July 2000! We heaved up anchor around 10.00am and joined the parade of sails into Manhattan. Tallships and navy frigates from all over the world emerged from the dense morning fog like ghost ships from another era. We had the NZ Consulate and prominent NZ business people aboard, we had a water balloon fight with the HMS Rose, which resulted in them putting their fire-hose on us. We passed the  frigate John F Kennedy with President Clinton on board. We lowered flag and t-gallant as we passed. Millions of people lined the waterfront, ferries were at their 6,000 capacity. Great atmosphere. nytimes.jpg (25989 bytes)
Berthed on Staten Island and were greeted warmly by the local wharfies and their families inviting us to a BBQ and drinks. Very funky NY accents. Had dinner and drinks on board and watched 45 minutes of fireworks display that went right up the river. It was spectacular and we had the perfect view. After this several crew members decided to hit the town and caught the free Staten Island ferry service to Downtown Manhattan. Walked Wall Street and past the World Trade Centres, found the happening street, ‘Bleeker Street’. A good night at the Peculiar Pub. Other crew members and Voyage Crew hit the local Irish pub, an early morning return.
Wed 5 July
New York
Said our farewells to Voyage Crew, sad to say goodbye to our long-time seaman Peter V, who has sailed with us since Auckland. Open ship 1.00pm to 4.00pm. Goodbye dinner for Captain Jim and Terri. Sherry and Phyllis have kindly come back and done ship–keep for us so we may all be at the restaurant. Soren made front page of the New York Times, along with the HMS Rose. Sherry shows us developed photos – very funny. Fiona donates a whole heap of stuff to the crew, including an airbed that will be well used.
Thurs 6 July
New York
Ben Poff begins scarfing the main boom. Dan sees Riverdance on Broadway on his day off! Nick and Eric drove the Staten Island ferry over to Manhattan, past the Statue of Liberty. Huge crew party put on by Opsail at the ballroom. Many navy crew from all over the world, great food, free drinks and entertainment. Met up with Steve and Fiona there.
Fri 7 July
liberty sml.jpg (2726 bytes)My Kiwi mascot went with me to Statue of Liberty, World Trade Centre, Times Square, Broadway and Central Park, where it ate nuts with the squirrels. New York is a great city with a real pulse to it. At 5.00pm we sadly farewelled Jim and Terri. Captain Tony arrived early this morning and is in high spirits. Mike went out to CBGB’s – something he has promised himself since Auckland.
Sat 8 July
New Voyage Crews join around 9.30am. We have an almost full ship. It is good to see familiar faces again: Pat & Olga, Barry, Polly, Brent, Rob, Vera, Mike, Judy, Kurt, Bill etc. Today is the beginning of International Frigate week (or something similar). We watch a Harrier jet hover above an aircraft carrier and do a 360° turn and fly backwards. Lots of stealth bombers and military airforce about. OpSail Liaison officers Jane Byrd along with Steve helped let our lines off and waved us goodbye. New Vcrew Scott is highly enthusiastic over the water bombing of ships! We are getting better at aiming now.
Sun 9 July & Mon 10 July
OpSail New London
Overnight sail. Arrived at New London in the morning. A quaint little town with a railway station and lots of English looking brick building. We are a couple of days early for the official OpSail event here but we were greeted by Channel 3 Connecticut News. Mike and I were interviewed. Poor Pat was captured as he came out of the shower and put on an interview in the saloon. Barry and Polly had all the rellies over! One huge Milne reunion! Jim and Joyce had their family bring 7 month daughter Angelica down. ADan bow small.jpg (4763 bytes) very cute baby who had an outfit with Soren Larsen, New Zealand embroidered on the collar! Scott and Kurt did a fantastic job at selling the ship for us.
Dan was interviewed by a good looking reporter. He went the colour of beetroot! Liaison officers: Sean and Hal were extremely helpful. THANKS! We made the midday, 6.00 o’clock and 10.00 o’clock news! STARS!
Tues 11 July Left early. Beautiful dear day. Dodged thousands of crayfish pots. Had a really good sail, approximately 6-7 knots towards Cape Cod Canal. Anchored off Wings Cove.
Wed 12 July Went through Cape Cod Canal. Strange to be at the same level as a cyclist – who went past us! Anchored at Broad Sound, just before Boston.
Thurs 13 July Boston Arrive in Boston. We are berthed at the World Trade Centre Pier (East) next to an Irish Frigate! Could be dangerous – according to Todd they have 25 tonnes of Guinness on board! Niagara has pulled in as well!

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 Below is Purser Kate Ryan's Diary Extracts of the Voyage from Miami to Baltimore. This first hand account is Kate's personal view of the voyage..

Sat 10 June


Kate deckhouse.jpg (7762 bytes)New Voyage Crew joined yesterday at 10am - once again we have a real smorgasbord of nationalities: Welsh, American, English, Kiwi, Australian. Our hardworking Dutchman Peter V. remains onboard from the previous voyage (from Auckland in fact), as does Fiona, Pam and Peter H. Ex V.crew Ben W. has rejoined us here as another hand on deck, really great to have him back.
     Larger ships leave first and we follow after Oosterschelde. As we fly the NZ flag we are saluted by a floating band with he NZ national anthem. A patriotic moment for the Kiwis among us.  We wave Miami goodbye and sail straight into strong force 4-5 winds and rain! All the other tallships under full sail are silhouetted across the coastline. We put the first reef in the mainsail and wet weather gear is pulled on. By late afternoon the weather has cleared and we focus on our destination; Nassau, Bahamas.
Tues 13th June
nassaumap.gif (6810 bytes)Had a good trip from Miami to Bahamas. Arrived at Nassau early morning and once again we were surrounded by many cruise ships. We are moored opposite the famous Atlantic Hotel and we nieghbour the cruise liner 'Disney Wonder' with its vibrant Disney colours and sound of Disney songs coming from their main deck.
       I have been teaching Catherine and Terri the pois (singing of the NZ indigenous Maori people). We aim to do performances at Opsail Baltimore to represent that the ship is from NZ and I am really proud and impressed at now quickly they have learnt them. Nassau is very colourful and full of outdoor markets and humming street life - loads of souvenirs.
Wed 14th June
Out initial departure time cam and went as officials took longer to arrive then anticipated - island time! One of the voyage crew discovered some pirate bandannas at the local pirate museum so most of the crew have made a pirate bandanna purchase - new crew uniform??!
     As we had time to spare poi rehearsals began again.   We departed by sailing off the wharf  - great sailing now with all sails set. Unfortunately at 1802 tragedy struck - we mourn the loss of Dan's hat. Big Martin tried to do a full 360 deg turn to go back and find it but it was sadly well gone - sorry Dan...
Thurs 15th June Am on the 8-12 watch with Harry and Linda - a great couple from Colorado, Steve and Pete H.  Spent a very special half hour on bow watch with Pete where he told me about his service in the war in Normandy.  As my own grandfather is no longer around this was a special moment for me. 
     Sea shanty singing for a few hours under the bright moon.
Friday 16th June We may be slightly behind schedule in getting in to Charleston but the sailing is so good we daren't start up the main engine (and we wouldn't have gone much faster).  We have had a beautiful full moon tonight and some great moments on watch deep in conversation and contemplating life.
Sat 17th June
Charleston dock1.jpg (3474 bytes)Hoved to early this morning outside Charleston. Came into Patriots point Marina around 0800. Soren is berthed near 'Eye of the Wind' and 'Concordia'. We are also near the famous WW2 aircraft freightercharleston aircarrier.jpg (1472 bytes) 'Yorktown'.  Ex voyage crew Paul H. met us here, coming aboard bearing gifts of photos, lollies and Samuel Adams beer. it was fantastic to see him again, he lives a few hours out of Charleston and was kind enough to give us a tour of his favourite town, Charleston.  We saw Slavery St and the Battery and beautiful old Southern houses
      After emailing and phone calls I bumped into a few crew members at Wet Willies and Wild Things - bars of course. Had a great dinner at Pooches Porch and tried alligator meat!  A huge BBQ and drinks was put on for the ships by the organisers of Tallships 2000. All had a great night.
Sunday 18th June


Photos courtesy Tallships Charleston

Charleston cptns.jpg (1779 bytes)The Southern hospitality is famous and Tallships 2000 put on a function for all the ship's Captains at the new aquarium. Open bar and good food and an ice carved tallship. The aquarium museum was acharlestonfish.jpg (2250 bytes)mazing - exhibits of coastal reef, river and rainforest - fish everywhere!
      The ship was open to the public all day - people were very friendly and the ship's shop was very busy.
Mon 19th June
A Southern character by the name of Bones came down the wharf, dressed like he just came out of the early 19th century! He took a 'wetslide' photograph of Jim and the ship. We have just heard sad news that ex crew Jane B is unable to join us in Baltimore, however this confirms that Ben W will join us as permanent crew. There goes Purser John's supply of rum.. just joking.  
      After a delay we leave Charleston after dinner. we are now under sail and on our way to Baltimore!
Tues 20 June Now on the 12-4 watch and doing breadmaking demos for our fellow watch members. A new VC – Tom, joined us in Charleston. Our youngest member and a keen guitar player! Dolphins are sighted at the bow. Good sailing and perfect weather for sleeping on deck
Wed 21st June The ship stopped for a swim – probably the last in quite a while as the water temperatures are bound to get cooler as we pass Cape Havera. Beautiful full orange moon last night.
Thurs 22nd June Beautiful clear blue skies for the morning and then off Florida Beach at the entrance of Chesapeake Bay we encountered a powerful electrical storm. Huge cracks of thunder and bolts of lightening shot through the sky and hit the water 200 metres away.
        We were sailing 8 knots when suddenly the wind died and the sky was black and menacing. As we are near the Annapolis Military Base, the sky was full of military planes and we were passed by extremely fast marine/naval jetboats. We raced around handing the t’gallant and the course. VCrews really helped us in this department! As quickly as the storm came – all cleared again. Water temp has dropped 8 degrees. From 28 degrees to 20 degrees C.
        We sailed over a bridge: ½ of it is under water...!. Pretty spectacular and a very, very long bridge. We had a Midsummer Solstice party last night which was a lot of fun.
Fri 23rd June climbing shrouds.jpg (7071 bytes)We anchored in Chesapeake Bay around 9-10pm and set off early this morning accompanied by police boats. Our Maori poi’s still in practice. VCrews go aloft to gasket the course – many keen sailors among them. We had an auction today. Steve managed to buy my hat! Bummer!! We will arrange a swap of some sort!
      A special mention of thanks should go to our long term Vcrew Peter V. who has been tireless in his help with daywork, painting and sanding - a busy man!
Sat 24th June
We berthed at Tide Point in Baltimore. We tidied the ship up and opened her to the public after lunch. Our liaison officer, Bruce, is very helpful in organising laundry and other things. Visit a few local bars at Fells Point. A great 17th century area.
Sun 25th June
wharfBalti.jpg (3736 bytes)The locals at the business area of Tide Point put on a free BBQ and drinks today. It was a really big affair and we had hundreds of people come on board. We had a huge electrical storm in the middle of the night….very humid. VC’s either went to Washington DC or to Annapolis today. We sat around after the Sunday roast talking. Sally had her nephew and niece on board. Very cute. Thank you Tide Point for looking after us so well
Mon 26th June
Did a big shop for the ship: toilet paper and cleaning goods etc. Bruce kindly drove me to the supermarket to do this. We are now over our heads in bog rolls. Open ship was a lot quieter today as the weekend is over. The Hill St Blues Café put on beautiful mussels and other goods and free drinks for Søren. A huge thank you to them. We had a ball .. ex-VC Karen visited us from DC. We all sang sea-shanties, led by Terri and chattered. Met some fantastic local people.
Tues 27th June
Opsail 2000 have kindly organised free passes to the aquariums, science museum and much, much more. The aquarium takes at least 2-4 hours to see and was well worth it. We have moved the ship to the Inner Harbour so are much closer to the other ships: Harriet Lane, Oosterschedele, Esmeralda, Gloria, Capitan Miranda, HMS Rose, Calafornia, Pride of Baltimore and many more. The place is humming with people.john smiling.jpg (6357 bytes) Crab cakes are the food of Baltimore so we had to sample them. Yummo! More night-time electrical storms. Purser John’s partner, Lorri joins us her – and John is all smiles...
      Many us us making phone calls home - and realising how we miss everyone we know there and especially missing NZ: we're so lucky to live there.
         We sail from Baltimore the day after tommorrow and then its on to New York.


Wed 28th June - Baltimorebaltiwebcam.jpg (13581 bytes)
The ship has been open to the public each day we have been here and queues have formed down the wharf as we limit the number coming over the gangway to keep the numbers on deck sensible.  Everyone has shown a lot of interest in the ship and our voyage, and we have had another person sign up on the spot for our trip to New York.
   We have shifted to Pier One, Inner Harbour although we are just in view of the following webcam  - at .  The large black and white vessel statically moored is the USS Constellation and Soren Larsen is moored on the end of that berth (at right angles to the Constellation). Her masts can just be seen . Tomorrow is the Parade of Sail out of the Baltimore  - we'll leave the wharf at 10 am but we may have to return after the Parade of Sail to pick up a vital battery delivery.


Saturday 24th June - BaltimoreNIGHT.jpg (9445 bytes)
Soren Larsen has arrived at OpSail Baltimore, the next stage of our voyage up the East Coast and the third port for the Millennium Tallships events here in the US.
The ship has just been assigned a berth at Tides Point and is preparing for the public open days.  The event runs until the 29th June so all are looking forward to seeing something of the city, taking part in the festival and seeing other ships that Soren Larsen sailed with from Miami and Charleston, as well as others that have come here after the Norfolk event.

Sunday 18th June 2000 - Charleston SC. Tallships 2000
he ship arrived in on Friday afternoon and has spent the weekend enjoying the southern hospitality of this lovely old city. This is the opening weekend of Tallships Charleston and we were berthed on the Patriots Point side of the river with old sailing companions Eye of the Wind.  On Monday we shall sail from here and head north into Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore for the OpSail 2000 Tallships celebrations there.


nassaumap.gif (6810 bytes)Tuesday 13th June 2000 - Bahamas
We have called in to Nassau in New Providence in the Bahamas for a brief look at this very developed and upmarket island.  We will aim to sail early tomorrow morning so there won't be too much time to spend fast sums at the designer label shops that line the waterfront. 
This has been a good opportunity for the voyage crew that joined us in Miami to settle in to the routine of the ship and to get to know us all. Nassau as known as the 'Zurich of the Tropics'  - but we don't think that crew wages will warrant opening an account here!
   Everyone is looking forward to the open water passage up the coast to Charleston. We aim to be there on Friday. 


opsailflag.jpg (4846 bytes)Saturday 10th June 2000
- Departing Miami
Our new Voyage Crew arrived yesterday and settled in while the large week end crowd of visitors swamped the wharf.We have some berths still available from Charleston to Baltimore and Baltimore to New York and we had a couple of people actually book on the spot from Baltimore! (Yes we have a few berths still - but hurry!).
       At midday today join the Parade of Sail through Government Cut and out of the port of Miami. This will be very exciting as for most of us this will be the first time we will sail in the company of so many other square riggers. There are 24 ships here and we have been given our position in the parade between the Oosterschelde, the Dutch ship we were berthed behind, and the Californian.
     We sail for Charleston South Carolina where we aim to arrive on Friday 16th June. The Captain, Jim Cottier aims to call at somewhere in the Bahamas on the way, probably at Nassau.


Thurs 7th June - OpSail Miami
The Opsail event in the States is officially underway. Yesterday was the last official day of the school terms and thousands of school kids were bussed to the Port of Miami to come and look over all the tallships. With a great deal of public interest at the opening day all the roads and expressways to the port area were blocked with traffic for most of the afternoon. We wonder what the week end will be like! It may be a bit of a shock to some of us after the 3 weeks enjoying the freedom of the seas from Panama...

Tonight is the Captain's Gala dinner - very invite only' - but many of the crew/voyage crew are planning an alternative night out in Miami.

To see where the ship is berthed there is a map showing our location at the NBC site: click on (but note is is quite a large file).

Opsail Miami.jpg (9622 bytes)

Tuesday 6th June -  Miami
The ship has arrived in Miami and cleared US customs! 
The ship officially joins the OpSail Miami 2000 tallships regatta here and it was nice to see that official sponsors NBC television have used Soren's picture on their website logo..  Its also a good place to find out more about what's happening in Miami.


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