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Latest Position
8 Nov 2000
200 miles SW Cornwall

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Wed 1st Nov 2000

Leaving Charlestown was as exciting as was entering the place 5 weeks earlier. The harbour is locked, i.e. there is a lock gate at the exit to the inner harbour that is lowered at highest water to allow vessels to leave or enter.  Soren Larsen is too deep drafted to get out on neap tides so we had to leave on Wed 1st Nov .. or we'd be trapped there for a week...

Skipper Tony Davies had to negociate the exit from the right hand side of the inner harbour..

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leaving1.jpg (29608 bytes) 0730 - All set and ready to go.

Slow astern - Tony directs where fenders are to be placed.  On the wharf Harbour Master Ray and port owner Robin look on.

leaving2.jpg (24622 bytes)
leaving3.jpg (29477 bytes) Through the lock gate, with room to spare..

..without touching a fender...

leaving4.jpg (26928 bytes)
leaving5.jpg (23235 bytes) now swing the stern to starboard, minding the jib boom...

Lines to the fore deck and stern control the swing as she reverses
to the outer entrance ...

leaving6.jpg (27618 bytes)
leaving7.jpg (23376 bytes) ..and out she slips,
into Cardogan Bay.

Soren turns and heads for Fowey as Tony's brother Robin Davies watches from the entrance wall.

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UK Refit 1: taking it apart is easy.....
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