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Latest Position
8 Nov 2000
200 miles SW Cornwall

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Last days of refit Oct 2000

Some scenes from the busy last week or so in Charlestown Shipyard. Getting the new topmast sent into the rigging was done the old fashioned way with block and tackle and without a crane.  The cooks and purser have nearly 10,000 worth of stores, drinks and equipment delivered, these girls know how to shop, and somehow if all finds a home with the hull.

A new log for a new main gaff is delivered. This Cornish Douglas Fir was fashioned to the shape of the gaff by the craftsmen in the shipyard.

gafflog1.jpg (15153 bytes)
gafflog2.jpg (18579 bytes) The gaff lies unvarnished to the right. Tony and Andrew discuss the new wood being scarfed into the main boom.

The new topmast is winched into position. Nick Anderson directs operations from aloft.

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maintop2.jpg (24570 bytes) The team on the foredeck handcrank the windlass which raises the mast into position

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Sally and Tony steady the foot of the mast as it fits
up through the hounds and cross trees.

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Blue Cornish skies - rarer than a solar eclipse:
Jima and Nick will spend the next week aloft rigging in freezing rain...
The brand new Zanussi professional cooker arrives. The world's heaviest and most expensive cooker wouldn't fit through the deck house door. So it is lower into the hold... cooker11.jpg (18833 bytes)
cooker12.jpg (19008 bytes) ... and carried through the saloon and up the stairs to the galley.

Squizzy counts aboard the stores. Enough flour for 6,000 n.miles, enough loo paper for 10,000.....

stores1.jpg (21152 bytes)
stores21.jpg (22185 bytes) stores31.jpg (22741 bytes)The ship's capacity to absorb stores is astonishing.

Left: Terri sorts tins,

Right: Sally Anne ponders the soft drinks stack
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UK Refit 1: taking it apart is easy.....

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Leaving Charlestown Harbour.
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Voyage Logs 2000-  a look back on our Global Odyssey from Auckland to the States and Europe...

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NY, Halifax to

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Miami to New York

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Easter Island to Panama and Miami
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Auckland to Easter Island
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