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Bill and Janet Wickham's 2002 Auckland to Tonga voyage

Again, we'd like to say that we had a wonderful time aboard the Soren
Larsen. Thank you to everyone! We have extended an invitation to all
aboard, guests and crew, to visit us if they're in this part of the

Entire crew were very pleasant and helpful, a very fine group of people.
We certainly hope to do another voyage and we very highly recommend the Soren Larsen

Overall? As I told a friend today, one of the best times I have ever had!

Bill and Janet,
northern California.

Bill - dusk at the helm Janet gets the upper bunk
'Hands to Braces' - towards the Kermadecs Greg and Nat out on the bowsprit
Shooting Venus - man with sextant defies sky with clouds.. Bruce on watch - smiling in the rain
Proud breadmakers of the 12-4am watch With Eric and Bobby on the 4-8 watch
Tradewind cruising.. to Tonga Ulrich on the helm
Doing a harbour stow - coming in to Nukualofa Clive - on the opposite side of the camera for a change
Fist Mate Ereic in the deckhouse   Tony in uniform for Customs
Soren sunset   The foremast under blue skies
  Soren beanie and the Golden Gate
... back home, summer in San Fransico!

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