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Tonga July 2002
This picture page illustrates the start of our 10 voyage around the Kingdom of Tonga through the Happai group to Vava'u and back to Nukualofa. V166 page1.

The first day - and its a good chance to practice going aloft. Although its not at all compulsory most want to have a go.
Sue - makes it over the futtocks. The onlookers below wait their turn
Ernie clips on to the safety line. Jessica makes it look simple.
Daphne seems to have got a skipping rope going on deck. Mark and John were light on their feet (ish)
A boat landing a Noumka-iti ... in the Haapai group
This deserted beach has quite good snorkeling .. and trees to climb, Bobby explains how.
a brief demonstration.. and then Eric has a go..
what this Mate will do for a coconut.. .. shades and all.
Meantime back on ship maintenance goes on- and the bosun is harnessed up to black down the rig.. .. while auditioning for Spiderman 2 at the same time.


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