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The Great Auckland Refit 2002

Departure - the ship sails from Princes Wharf, Auckland for her 5 month voyage through the Pacific.

Refit ends - after a huge effort from many helping hands the ship was made ready and our voyage crew arrived. Circumstances beyond our control delayed sailing until Sunday, which brought blue skies and a gentle breeze for the first afternoon cruise up the coast.

There were tears and cheers as lines were cast off and Captain Tony Davies steered the ship towards the Hauraki Gulf.

Soren Larsen moved from her refit berth around the Princes Wharf.   Lines are ready to cast off..
Final goodbyes from voyage crew   Friends, family, shore crew and well wishers
She's away..   and we watch her go..


More refit images will follow here as the work progresses.

Contact our Auckland HQ:
Phone 00 649 411 8755
Fax 00 649 411 8484
Email : escape%40sorenlarsen%2eco%2enz
Postal address P.O.Box 310 Kumeu
Auckland 1250 New Zealand

Refit Pictures - Click here for other pages:
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Refit Six
Refit Seven
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Refit Ten
Departure Day here


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