Tallship Soren Larsen ~ 2003 Archive Voyage Logs

Yasawas, western Fiji to Vanuatu voyage Aug 2003.
Photo gallery part 1

Read Emil's account here
Noreen's journal of this voyage here

Pictures of Lautoka, Fiji and the western islands of the Yasawas - the first halft of the Fiji to Vanuatu voyage.

See the passage from Fiji and our first encounter of Vanuatu at Tanna in photo gallery part 2 - here.


buses outside lautoka market.jpg

Castaway Islnad, tom hanks wannabees ashore.jpg

The ship from shore.jpg

Dental repair number two!.jpg

the big blue.jpg

farwell to lucy.jpg

women selling seaweed at lautoka market.jpg

grant and john making small talk.jpg

Thea and Katherine heading in to Castaway Island.jpg

Thea and a local (engineer).jpg

Thea and her family on Naboro.jpg

Thea and her new friends walking to the beach through the j.jpg

Thea and I soaking up the sun.jpg

Thea and Jacob playing crack the nut.jpg

sunrise over Lautoka.jpg

just a rock.jpg

sunrise over the sugar city, lautoka.jpg

reefs off Castaway Island.jpg

spices at lautoka market.jpg

so friendly, so smiley!.jpg

lautoka market.jpg

Robert photographing palms.jpg

Wayasawa_ where thea lived in 96.jpg

pineapple plant.jpg

jim crawling over the hill exhausted.jpg

josh and navi making fijian pancakes in the morning.jpg

Me playing volleyball with the local women of Port Resoluti.jpg

grant with a rainbow in his hand!.jpg

sunrise over the sugar city_ lautoka.jpg

indina sweet vendors outside the market.jpg

jacob and mikkel at lautoka market.jpg

Emil talking to a young boy in Naboro.jpg


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