Tallship Soren Larsen ~ 2003 Archive Voyage Logs

Tallship Soren Larsen - Noumea to Auckland part2

Noumea - Norfolk to Auckland - Part 2 of the image gallery shows the voyage in to the Bay of Islands and home to Auckland.

2003 crew.JPG

2003 crews.JPG

80's fancy dress.JPG

aussie territory.JPG

bill on lookout.JPG

blowing out the candles.JPG

blue oyster and marita's birthday.JPG

bobby advertising the limber chains.JPG

bobby playing a farewell song.JPG

bobby tulloch signing off.JPG

bobby tulloch, engineer officially signed off.JPG

bobby, emil and syd with their unshaven faces.JPG

changing the lazy jacks.JPG

dan the man.JPG

david and joel.JPG

early morning in opua.JPG

emil getting his carvings back.JPG

final brace.JPG

fraser and daniel on the hose.JPG

happy bday mikkel.JPG

joel and jacob.JPG

last voyage photo for 2003.JPG

marita showing where to sign.JPG

marita's cake.JPG

mikkel's 28th.JPG

mikkel's bday.JPG

opua in the mist.JPG

opua in the morn.JPG


setting the anchor light.JPG

soren larsen crew 2003.JPG

steve making danish pastries.JPG

steve making danish pastries2.JPG

steve's finished product.JPG

sweat and tail.JPG

syd bringing in the fish.JPG

syd fishing off the stern.JPG

syd in the chain locker.JPG

the pipi tour.JPG

the Riley children.JPG

thea sea stowing the galley.JPG

thinking back on the past 5 months,syd!.JPG

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THANK YOU FUJI New Zealand - the Fuji Finepix 2800 performed without fault, producing many fabulous images of our Pacific journey.


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Images used in this Voyage Log are mainly taken with Fuji's Finepix 2800.
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