The Soren Larsen is one of the most magnificently restored and adapted Tallships still sailing in worldwide survey and is one of the most illustrious wooden vessels of her type in the world.

1948 - 1949. Soren Larsen being built.jpg (16624 bytes)
Built in northern Denmark in by Soren Larsen & Sons at Nykobing Mors. Constructed entirely of oak she was massively built with oak outer planking on double oak frames with an inner hull planking of oak,
1949 - 1972.
Traded throughout the Baltic, British and European ports carrying general cargo, timber & grain.
Captain Tony Davies.jpg (14534 bytes)Saved from destruction by family owners in Colchester, England. There Captain Tony Davies assembled a team of skilled shipwrights to commence the restoration work. New decks, masts, yards and spars were made and she was entirely rerigged as the graceful late 19th century brigantine she is today.

"The Onedin Line"onedin webcopy.jpg (12318 bytes) star: much of the funds required for her early restoration work were earned by filmwork and the Søren Larsen achieved international fame as star of the classic BBC television series

1978 - 1982.
Other film work followed, including "The French Lieutenant's Woman", "Count of Monte Cristo" and "Shackleton" - which involved sailing north to the Arctic Circle into the pack-ice of Greenland.

1982 - 1985.
Soren JST days.jpg (18195 bytes)Chartered to the Jubilee Sailing Trust UK, she help pioneer a programme of sail training for the physically disabled. This successful scheme led to the commisioning of the Trust's  Lord Nelson and the Tenacious.


Invited to be the Flagship for the Australian Bicentenary re-enactment voyage of the First Fleet. Led a fleet of eight Tallships on a 22,000 mile voyage from England to Australia via Rio de Janerio and Cape Town, arriving to a tumultuous welcome in Sydney in January 1988.
Sailed to New Zealand for the first time, to represent Britain 1990 Sequestry celebrations. Explored the superb New Zealand coast and magnificent Waitemata Harbour.
Tobyslb-w.jpg (7785 bytes)1991.
Homeward round the Horn project - Australia to Europe voyage with 'Eye of the Wind'. Became the first British flagged tallship to round Cape Horn since 1936 during Southern Ocean voyage back to Europe.
Won her class in the Transatlantic Tallship Race via New York and Liverpool during the Columbus Grand Regatta. It was a fitting way to complete the ship's first circumnavigation.
1992 - 1993.
Extensive refit and further restoration work in Britain. Return voyage to her home Pacific waters via the Caribbean, Panama and the Galapagos. Today she is the only square rigged  is have rounded Cape Horn, in New Zealand.
Major resheathing of hull with native totara to preserve the original oak planking. Each southern hemisphere winter she cruises the romantic and barely accessible islands of the South Pacific, giving many first time sailors and adventurers of all ages a genuine 'experience of a lifetime'. From November to April she sails the beautiful New Zealand coast, giving individuals the chance to enjoy a glimpse of traditional square rig sailing and providing groups and companies with an opportunity to stage spectacular events aboard this unique ship.
The ship wins the Tourism Auckland Hauraki Gulf Development and Protection Award at the inaugural tourism awards.
Soren Larsen sails the entire coast of New Zealand, visiting Napier, Wellington, Christchurch and Stewart Island and is the centrepiece of Dunedin's 150th Anniversary celebrations. The ship is honoured at the Tourism Auckland Annual Awards winning the 'Adventure and Experience' Category
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To celebrate the new Millennium Soren Larsen undertook a world voyage, the Global Odyssey 2000. Departing Auckland in March she sailed 30,000 miles to Britain via USA, Canada and Europe. She set out on the return journey via the Canaries, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Galapagos, Easter Island, Pitcairn and across the South Pacific returning home to Auckland New Zealand in October 2001.
Ship works from her home base in Auckland New Zealand during the southern hemisphere summer and explores the tropical waters of the South Pacific from March to November.
Soren Larsen relocates her base of operations to Sydney, Australia, doing charters and daysails on Sydney Harbour over the summer months and voyaging through the South Pacific from April to November.

Future voyages - see the Sailing plans and how to join here.




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